Building Signage Orange County

Building Signage Orange County

Are you looking to display your brand to the world? Are you looking for custom architectural signage that showcases your brand? Do you need the best building signage Orange County has to offer? Then you have come to the right place! Building signs are essential for businesses or commercial establishments looking to boost their visibility to attract foot traffic. But you also need building signs that stand out, complement your property, and are durable enough to stand the test of time. And that’s what we offer you at Sunset Signs.

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Experts in building mounted signs

Building mounted signs are the first thing your customers see before walking into your company. That’s why you need to make sure that your mounted sign looks as incredible as possible to positively impact anyone who sees it. Here at Sunset Sings, we manufacture and install high-quality mounted signs and building signs in general that represent your establishment just the way you want them.

We can make the best building sign design for your establishment

A good building sign design improves aesthetics and increases business credibility. With a professionally designed sign displayed on your business building, you can assure your customers and potential clients that they’re doing business with a trustworthy establishment. Sunset Signs are experts in designing building signs that align with your brand and can attract your target customer.

We manufacture all types of signs for buildings

signs for buildings

With years of experience in the industry, we have built a team capable of manufacturing any sign you need for your building. The types of building signs we manufacture and install include the following: illuminated signs, dimensional signs, monument signs, channel letters, pole and can signs, as well as foam and acrylic face signs. We also work on all types of buildings and can manufacture signs for both interior and exterior purposes. Channel letters are some of the most common exterior sign types found, especially on storefronts and buildings.

We make all types of channel letter signs for buildings

If you want to make your business stand out from the crowd, you may consider channel letters for buildings. These signs for buildings are durable, versatile, and great for businesses of all types. With channel signs, each letter is manufactured and installed separately. And this gives you more creative control over how you want to mount the letters. Channel letters also come in different types: open face, front and backlit, front-lit LED, and reverse halo channel letters.

Architectural building signage

Architectural signs are excellent signage options for businesses of all kinds. They are also ideal for schools, airports as well as public places of convenience. The architectural building signs we offer at Sunset Signs are customized to suit your type of establishment. We ensure that all designs focus on improving your business exposure and properly highlight your brand or company to attract customers. Having architectural building signage will also make it easier for people to navigate around your business area with ease.

Custom outdoor building signs

Outdoor building signs can give your business or establishment the visibility it needs. Not only does it help potential customers identify your business premises, but it can also help your brand stand out, especially in a commercial area. We are experts in creating custom outdoor business signs regardless of the type of architectural building signage you want. In other words, we can create custom outdoor signs ideal to fit your specific requirements.

Building sign fabrication

We have been a leader in building sign designs and fabrication for decades. Our experienced and talented team of fabricators will use their expertise and craftsmanship to ensure that they build signs that meet the highest quality. We utilize the best methodology and work with high-quality materials to create building signs of the highest standard. Our shop is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, and our team works relentlessly to deliver the best building signs products possible.

Building sign installation

Building sign installation
We are experienced in installing any type of building sign, exterior or interior. We have all the tools and equipment, including the vehicles needed to handle any installation job regardless of your location in Orange County. You don’t have to worry about the technical side of the installation process. All you have to do is get in touch with us, tell us your preferences, and leave the rest to us. Besides our installation service, we also offer building signs repairs and removal services.

We create restaurant building signs

You want your customers to connect well with your restaurant so that you become their go-to place. And a great restaurant signage solution will help you achieve that. Having a sign that customers are familiar with makes it easier for them to always opt for your restaurant, regardless of the location. At Sunset Signs, we can build and install restaurant building signs that your clients and target customers will connect with.

Shopping center building signs

Shopping center building signs make it easier for your business to communicate to foot traffic without using too many words. With the help of perfectly fabricated and creatively designed signs, retailers in shopping centers can also set their businesses apart from their competitors, regardless of whether a company isn’t a well-known brand or not. You want a building sign that communicates quickly with people on the move in a clear manner. We are experts in designing, making, and installing unique shopping center building signs.

We create custom business signage in various locations

At Sunset Signs, we are experts in creating custom electric signs made especially for your business. Aside from offering the best in California building signage solutions, you can also count on us for:

Orange County California Channel Letters

Contact us for all your building signs today

If you’re a business looking for unique ways to stand out or set your business building apart, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can work together to design, fabricate, deliver, and mount new custom building signs that will make your business or establishment more visible.