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channel letters signage

The significance of first impressions is something that all entrepreneurs learn fast. While a great initial impact won’t necessarily guarantee a converted sale, it does form a crucial step. Conversely, a poor representation of the business could end your hopes of securing a customer before you’ve even had a chance to promote your products and services.

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In many situations, visiting the store will signal a client’s first interaction with the company. As such, high-quality signage can spark a positive response from the potential customer. This will inevitably influence their consumer decisions. There are many potential solutions for your business signage, channel letters are undeniably one of the best. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

What Are Channel Letters?

custom logo channel letters signage

Channel letters are a form of exterior signage that are often seen above store doorways and windows and mounted on buildings. They are custom-made designs and are often powered by internal lighting to ensure that the shop stands out from the crowd.

The channel letters can be made into all shapes and sizes including internal lighting features if desired. They can be mounted directly to the building wall or may be mounted using a wireway or raceway.

While they form part of one big sign, channel letters are individually manufactured and mounted. That’s why you sometimes see store signs where just one letter is unlit while the rest remain in good working order.

Why Choose Channel Letters Signage?

There are many reasons to choose channel letters over some of the alternative options. First and foremost, the opportunities for customization gives you optimum control on the design. In turn, this enables you to gain a sign that represents the personality of your brand with truly stunning results. Our state of the art facility and machinery enable us to fabricate any design into channel letters format including complex logos.

In the fiercely competitive environments of shopping malls and main streets, that ability to grab a customer’s attention is great. Meanwhile, the illuminating features enable stores to stand out at nighttime too. Even if the store isn’t open at this time, it can influence consumer views.

Channel letters aren’t the cheapest of solutions, especially as those minor operational costs have to be considered. Nonetheless, their durability arguably makes them far greater value than cheaper options. And that’s before you’ve even considered the positive impact that they’ll have on sales.

It’s also worth noting that if the sign does become damaged by vandals or the weather, it’s likely that you’ll only have to replace the one letter. This can make the ongoing maintenance far simpler, physically and financially. It’s no wonder so many businesses opt for this type of signage solution.

What Are The Options for Channel Letters?

channel letters signage custom lighting

When choosing channel letters, the options are endless at Sunset Signs. All colors, logos, and branding ideas can be incorporated to provide your company with the quality signage it deserves. Products can be manufactured from plastic or metal. Meanwhile, those mounting choices encourage greater control too. Regardless of the specifics, channel letter signs will fall into one of four main categories:

  • Front lit: The standard option uses illumination on the face of the letter only. This is the most frequently picked solution by far, and adorns many of your favorite stores.
  • Halo lit: Illumination is provided from behind the letters. This creates a “halo” like impact for your store’s sign. This option can also be referred t as ‘reverse lit’ channel letters.
  • Front & back lit: Combining both of the above, this option provides an even more noticeable illumination. Is something that a number of food chains and stores that remain open at night choose.
  • Open face: Using neon lights, this is another fairly popular choice for bars and similar companies. The neon lights are exposed “open” rather than enclosed. They are a slightly thinner solution too.

Channel letters offer the opportunity to create any desired impact with ease. Choosing the right lighting solution, along with the best materials, gives you a solid foundation to get the desired impact. Then again, it’s equally vital that you acquire the right support.

How Can Sunset Signs Help?

sunset signs channel letters signage

At Sunset Signs, we have created channel letters for many companies. Our list of clients include the likes of Domino’s, Subway, Lorna Jane, Krisp and many more, view our channel letter portfolio for more examples of our work. The fact that many of those franchises come back to us when opening another store should tell you everything about our quality and pricing.

While many companies come to us with their logos and branding elements in place, we can offer design features. Schedule a consultation to discuss your business and the impact it is trying to achieve. We’ll happily suggest which colors and ideas could be used before creating potential design concepts. Of course, we’ll always seek your confirmation before starting the work at hand.

Once the design stages have been finalized, manufacturing takes place in-house. Sunset Signs boasts a State of the Art 11,000 Sq.Ft. Facility located in Anaheim California. Our premises have all the resources, tools, and materials needed to create channel letters from plastic or metal. We use the automated “Accu Bend” processes, ensuring every letter and logo is crafted to perfection.

Likewise, we will take care of all fixings and mounts. Our installation phase also covers the electrical aspects to ensure that all letters are illuminated as desired. When you choose Sunset Signs, you receive a product and service of the highest standard. It truly is that simple.

The Verdict

From restaurants to car dealers, cinemas to fashion stores, all businesses can benefit from channel letter signs. They generate a bold, dynamic look that is sure to catch the eye of passersby. If that can promote increased traffic and boosted revenue, it has to be a winning solution.

Given that they are created and installed with quick turnarounds, your business can reap the benefits in no time. When added to the fact that maintenance and potential repair jobs are easy and affordable, you cannot go wrong. Furthermore, businesses with several stores can repeat the design for even quicker processes in the future.

Quite simply, it is the perfect solution to channel positive energy to your business. Creating a great first impression never felt so easy. Contact Sunset Signs for all your channel letters signage needs and desires at (714) 255-9104.

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