Complete Business Signage Solutions

Complete Business Signage Solutions

Sunset Signs is a full-service business signage company, providing top-quality interior and exterior signage to customers in Southern California and the surrounding area. If you have a business in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, or San Bernardino County, get in touch to discuss your signage needs today!

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We offer a wide range of custom business signs and we will handle every step of the process from the initial design all the way up to the installation. Good signage is crucial for your business because it catches the eye of potential customers, helps people find you, and creates more brand exposure for the business.

Exterior Signage

Our range of exterior signage is perfect for any business and we offer a variety of custom architectural signs to meet your needs.

Custom Building Signs

Custom building signs are perfect for hanging outside your business, directing foot traffic to the correct entrances, and highlighting your business hours. Our illuminated building signs will ensure that your business is visible during the night too. Channel letter signs are particularly useful for businesses like bars and restaurants that do most of their trade in the evenings. LED lit building signs are also a great option, and they’re incredibly efficient to run. Explore our range of lighted building signs if you really want to make an impact.

The laser-cut acrylic signs we design and manufacture are of the highest quality, so your business name and logo are displayed perfectly. Using the best materials and manufacturing methods means that you can give the right professional impression to your customers.

We also offer large building mounted signs that can be placed on top of or beside your business – such as a rooftop sign or projecting sign. These provide maximum brand exposure by sending out strong signals to passers-by and we can create different sizes to fit with any type of exterior signage requirements you may have.

Pylon Signs

Business Pylon Signage SolutionsPylon signs are ideal for lining the outside of your business, directing customers into the correct parking areas, and showing them where to go once they’re inside. If your business is next to a busy road, a pylon sign is an excellent way to grab passing traffic and get them to stop. We also have some great options for digital pylon signs, which allow you the flexibility to change your marketing message whenever you like. So, if you have amazing deals and offers to share with your customers, or you want to change information about opening hours, for example, it’s quick and easy. The vibrant screens on our digital signs are sure to make people stop and look.

Monument Signs

Alternatively, you could go for a simple but striking monument sign. This is a classic option that businesses have been using for years. It creates a bold statement at the entrance to your business and lets people know that they are in the right place.

Wayfinding Building Signs

As well as making sure that customers find your business in the first place, you need to make sure that they know their way around. Large businesses like malls or spaces like college campuses often run into this issue. Luckily, our wayfinding signs offer an excellent solution. An attractive sign with a clearly printed map ensures that your customers can always find their way. They are available in a variety of materials and designs too, so they will fit seamlessly with the aesthetic of the business.

Interior Signage

We don’t just deal with the exterior of your business, we can also provide all of the different interior signage you need. Interior signage is important because it solidifies your brand, but it can also perform a practical function within the office.

Lobby Signs

Business Lobby Signage SolutionsLobby signs, for example, are often used in businesses with multiple entrances to direct customers where they need to go. They can also include important information like opening hours or floor plans. As well as helping people find their way, expertly designed custom lobby signs are an excellent way of making a big impact as soon as people walk through the front door.

Office Signs

Office signs can also be used to create a unique atmosphere in different spaces within your business. Wall-mounted signs are an excellent option for businesses that want to give their walls a little bit of character or personality at the same time as advertising their products and services. Wall signs come in a variety of designs, materials, shapes, and sizes – perfect for any office space.

We can also create indoor business signs for other purposes, like menu boards for restaurants or pricing lists for your business. Whatever message you want to convey or information you want to display, we can create the perfect interior signage to help you do that.

Why Choose Sunset Signs For Your Signage Needs?

We’re always proud to help our customers show off their businesses. We offer a complete package that can be tailored to suit your needs exactly, with an option for every type of signage you could want. Whether it’s outdoor building signs or interior signs, we’ve got the expertise and equipment needed to create high-quality business signage that lasts.

Sunset Signs is one of America’s leading sign makers because we take the time to understand what our clients need – no matter how big or small their requirements are. We have been in the business for over 25 years, helping companies throughout Southern California and the surrounding area. We work with businesses in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County so if you operate in this area and you need high-quality signage for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced team will listen carefully to all your ideas before offering expert advice on which types of signs would work best in your situation.

When you work with us, the whole process is simple and we handle everything for you. Just share with us what you want to achieve with your custom made business signs and we’ll make it happen. All of our signs are manufactured to your exact specifications, so you get exactly what you want every time.

Give us a call today to discuss your business sign needs and learn more about our extensive range of solutions!