Custom Corporate Business Signs

Custom Corporate Business Signs

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Custom lighted business signs refer to a range of signage options developed by Sunset Signs, suitable for both interior and exterior installation. This includes:

Business signs

Present your business name, logo, motto or other identifiable information in a well-designed form with custom 3D acrylic signs.

Building signs

A building needs to proudly show your presence, with our careful installation and backlit building sign options availability, this can be relevant at all hours of the day.

Channel letter signage

Fonts and font sizes are custom-made and provide the most relevant presentation of your brand. Channel letter signage can include custom shapes, logos and icons.

Pylon signs

Pylon signs that stand out with confidence, and provide multiple businesses that extra set of visual appeal as well as multiple messages for one business or building. Pylon signs truly stand out in a crowd and can be seen from long distances.

Office signs

We offer business signs, office signs, lobby signs and outdoor signage that you won’t find at the local sign stores. Our staff use cutting edge equipment to create custom office signs that reflect the image that you want to portray for your office

Lobby signs

For the immediate accessibility of newcomers to your building, we are your premier designer and creator of custom lobby signs. We design, manufacture and install every type of business signage you’ll need.

Wayfinding directory signs

Useful in a range of essential capacities including interior and exterior pathfinding necessities. Can also be combined with wayfinding signs to work in tandem with your messaging.

Corporate Channel Letter Signage

Custom acrylic signs

Acrylic is one of the finest materials for both interior and exterior signage as it retains its durability and aesthetic quality for years.

3D acrylic signs

3D acrylic signs serve as the most impressive sign construction you can invest in, helping your stand over competitors in your space.

Monument signs

Similar to pylon signs, custom monument signs provide a welcoming aspect to your parking area or a final departing message to those leaving your premises and more. You can combine multiple signage options to ensure you have a cohesive sign strategy.

For instance, ensuring a large 3D acrylic sign with backlighting at the exterior of your office building serves as a final wayfinding point for prior pylon signs offering newcomers directions to your industrial parking area can be worthwhile, ensuring no visitor needs to get lost while trying to find you.

We will work with your business to ensure a reliable sign strategy

It might be that you wish for a perfect 3D representation of your business name as a logo, displayed proudly above your entrance. Or, perhaps a well-designed monument sign can mark your business space amongst others in the area.

Sign placements to mark internal office departments will be helpful, as can easy signs placed underneath your reception desk for the immediate accessibility of newcomers.

Signs may also be crafted for events you run, such as the yearly awards ceremony, or the business convention stall you host and run bi-annually.

How is signage installed?

With our sign installation and crane service, Sunset Signs can apply signage to any wall of a building, interior and exterior. Certain freestanding signs such as those laser-cut from 3D acrylic can also be placed in the safest and most effective place.

We make sure to agree on the exact placement (down to the inch) beforehand so that your effective placement needs are precisely delivered upon. We also make certain that we apply the sign both firmly but using a delicate approach, so that no parts of your building are damaged.

This way, the careful removal of such signs is also possible in the long-term, no matter if you hope to extend your business premises or move to another location entirely. Our support team is happy to provide aftercare where and when you need it.

How can my signage stand out?

Corporate Signs Dense ColoringYour signage can stand out through various means:

  • Lighted business signs – our lighting applications can provide an easy-to-read backdrop behind any lettering or image.
  • Dense coloring and simple designs that are easy to notice.
  • A confident approach towards signage, be that finding the perfect dimensions for shared billboard space, or pole signs that provide visibility from all angles.

Of course, the design itself will also allow it to stand out. For instance, a strong logo, strong coloring, and custom lettering can provide a unique sign that is more noticeable than any other business nearby.

It’s also worthwhile to consider the backdrop of the sign that will define its aesthetic after installation. The type of cladding, wall colors, and lighting surrounding such signage can have a big impact on how prominent it looks.

At Sunset Signs, we take care of every variable with only the best outcomes in mind, so feel free to consult with us at every stage.

Why choose Sunset Signs for custom corporate business signs?

We’re available throughout Southern California and beyond including:

  • Los Angeles County sign company,
  • Orange County sign company,
  • Riverside County sign company,
  • San Bernardino County sign company

… you can be certain that all of your needs will be fulfilled by Sunset Signs, the best C45 Sign Contractors around.