Digital Building Signs

Digital Building Signs

In the increasingly competitive business world, there’s no place for subtle advertising. Instead, you need to go bold, and digital building signs are one of the best ways to do that. Whether mounted above your entryway or on the side of your commercial space, signs for buildings provide the wow-factor that gets customers looking your way. Digital building mounted signs, in particular, provide the most impressive advertising you could hope for.

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The 100+ years of experience that our Sunset Signs team has between them means that we’re uniquely positioned to provide the custom outdoor business signs that you need to see your business soaring at last. Whatever your sector, we’re on-hand to provide the best possible sign solutions.

If you think your business would benefit from the bold, bright, and exciting LED exterior digital advertising signs that you’ve seen other companies benefiting from, then you should certainly look no further.

Boosting sales with building mounted digital signs

LED digital boards are the cutting-edge of signage, providing you with exciting advertising opportunities with way more pulling power than static options. In an age where creating new leads is still largely about catching a customer’s eye, investing here can prove invaluable for boosting sales. From the moment we install your LED digital display signage onto your building, you can enjoy benefits including –

Digital Building Signs Impresssion

  • Wide advertising coverage
  • High impact
  • Increased profits
  • Brand recognition
  • Positive first impressions
  • Increased levels of trust

We’ve previously brought these benefits to the doors of over 10,000+ happy customers, and our expertise covers everything from custom new digital gas station signs through to shopping center signs, and more. Business offices have also experienced significant benefits thanks to our LED video displays for advertising businesses and products. You name your industry, and we can guarantee that our wall-mounted signs will bring the boost that you’re looking for.

Digital building signs with maximum impact

Our tailored approach to signage means we’ll work closely with you to ensure that your finished sign is precisely what you had in mind. With every outside offering that we provide, be that our digital pylon signs, digital monument signs, or these all-important digital building signs, we vow to use the best possible materials throughout. As a Daktronics authorized retailer, we guarantee world-class digital signage, installed by a licensed C45 electrical sign contractor. What’s more, your building sign design is guaranteed to be weatherproof, temperature-controlled, and anti-glare for the longevity that you require.

Our tailored design focuses mean that you can enhance these benefits by telling us exactly what you want from your signage. Whether you’re after digital message displays or digital message boards for your building, lighting is likely a pressing concern, as this is what really highlights your efforts. When you work with us, you can select the ideal lighting every time by choosing from offerings that include –

  • Front-lit signs are illuminated from the front using interior LEDs and tend to be popular among the retail sector as they create a 3D-effect for maximum impact.
  • Halo-lit signs are instead lit by external light sources from the back to provide more of a gentle, depth-based glow and are particularly popular in the leisure/hospitality industries.
  • Front and back-lit signs combine the two methods, creating highly visible signs that are particularly beneficial to businesses operating/attempting to attract customers after dark.

Your one-stop signage shop

We pride ourselves in providing a one-stop signage shop that puts ease back into your advertising. Even where building signs are concerned, we’re on-hand to take care of every last part of the process so that you never have to worry about dealing with multiple companies before your signage dreams come true.

Digital Building Signs InstallationIn fact, from the moment you get in contact with an expert member of our team, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive service that includes –


We’ve been designing cutting-edge signage since 1992, meaning that we have all the experience necessary to design signs from scratch. Whether you need building signs for your office space, hotel, restaurant, or more, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that you’re satisfied with the finished product. This is why we’re a trusted retailer, and it’s why you could benefit from contacting us, even if you’re not 100% certain what your advertising efforts need.


As mentioned, we’re a trusted Daktronics retailer, meaning that we can provide world-class, American-made digital signage to every one of our customers. What’s more, our state-of-the-art, 23,000 SQ FT manufacturing facility enables us to personally design the lettering and more for digital building signs with quality in mind at all times.


Unlike many other signage companies, we don’t leave you to worry about third-party installation. Instead, our UL listed, C45 electrical sign contractors will take care of this for you. Thanks to our installation trucks with 60’ reach, no installation task or building is out of our reach. Even better, installing your signage ourselves means that we’re well-versed in your specific solution should the maintenance needs already mentioned ever arise.

If you’re operating in or around Southern California and feel like you could benefit from digital building signs, we can make it happen. Simply call us on (714) 255-9104 to get started today.