Exterior Building Directory Signs

Exterior Building Directory Signs

Building directory signs are essential if you operate a business or commercial interest that isn’t easy to find. That said, even businesses that have good visibility can benefit from directory signs that complement your brand identity and provide some additional company information.

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Visibility is important in any business; you need your customers and clients to be able to find your business easily and without stress; not only that, you want to give customers and clients the best impression of your business with professional exterior building directory signs.

Interior Building Directory Signs

Finding your business is one thing but directing people when they get into the building is quite another. Would you rather have customers and clients scratching their heads in the lobby or looking at a professional custom office signs that can direct them to the office?

Monument signs

Monument signs are a great way to stand out in an area and make the presence of your business felt; that’s because monument signs are not part of another building or signage; they stand alone outside your premises and display your business and brand, perfect for visibility.

Pylon signs

Digital pylon signs can stand alone, or they can work in tandem with monument signs to display the location and brand of your business. Pylon signs stand on two poles with business signs displayed for all to see. These signs are commonly used for shopping malls to display a range of businesses.

Building signs

If you want the brand or your business to be visible and presented professionally, then consider building signs. Building signs are affixed to the outside of any building; they can display the business brand as well as a business feature or some directions. Custom made LED lit channel letter signs are quite popular because lighting can be matched to your corporate color scheme.

Wayfinding Signs

Exterior Wood Directory SignsIf you’ve ever encountered a crossroad situation on a hike or nature walk, you might also have encountered wayfinding signs. These signs provide pointers that show directions to various places, but they can also be used to good effect in urban areas for commercial business purposes.

Custom Directory Signs

Directory signs are like interior signs; they can be found in the lobby of businesses and display the various businesses and offices in the building. Unlike conventional interior signs, however, custom signs can be made using special designs and materials not otherwise available.

Outdoor Directory Signs

In some cases, you don’t want your customers and clients to come into the building before finding out where your office or place of business is; you might want them to read a sign in the parking lot from their car window. If this is more suitable, you need outdoor directory signage.

Indoor Directory Signs

Conversely, indoor directory signs are displayed on the wall of your lobby and have a full list of all the offices and businesses in the building. This is not only helpful it is also professional because it shows that you have an understanding of business expediency and cordiality.

Plaza Directory Signs

Plaza signs are somewhat similar to pylon signs; both are installed on the outside of a business or shopping mall to display the range of businesses or shops in the area. The main difference is the size and style of the signs. Plaza signs tend to be larger and bolder.

Mall Directory Signs

Similar to business directory signs, mall directory signs can be found on the inside of the shopping mall. These signs are usually large and prominent, they can be made of metal, aluminum, or hard plastic, and they provide a useful starting point for customers.

Aluminum Directory Signs

The choice of material for your directory signs can be an important factor in your decision-making process. For instance, an aluminum sign is professional and long-lasting. Of course, other materials are available, but aluminum is normally high quality and affordable.

Wood Directory Signs

On the subject of materials for your directory sign, wood signs are sometimes popular. Wood signage is a good choice if you operate a business related to nature or the outdoors; not only does it provide the direction customers need, it also creates a brand identity and theme. Synthetic materials are used to create weatherproof wood looking signs that last.

Acrylic Directory Signs

Acrylic signs can be see-through and/or utilize any color you choose; they usually appear inside the lobby of a business and are raised from the wall offering a professional aesthetic. If you want a professional-looking lobby sign for your business but want to save on the cost of more expensive materials, acrylic is suitable.

Plastic Directory Signs

Exterior Plastic Directory SignsPlastic directory signs are excellent for some types of business, such as gyms and health spas. In most environments, plastic signs hold up well.

Glass Directory Signs

The other material you might want to consider for your business or commercial signage is a glass directory sign. Glass is easy to maintain and looks highly professional; there are also many ways to install your glass directory signs; they can be raised from the wall or affixed.

Metal Directory Signs

If you want directory signs that are low-cost, hard-wearing, and professional-looking, the best choice is our metal directory signs. These signs are suitable for businesses that want to present a professional image that complements a wide range of business brands and images.

Hiking Trail Directory Signs

We all like to know where we are going, especially when we head into the wilderness on a hiking trail. If you need some signage for your hiking trail or outdoor area, then choose signage that complements the trail and surrounding area. These signs are specially designed for areas.

Campus Directory Signs

Signs are very important for students and workers on campus; without these handy signs, people are disorientated, which causes issues with attendance and the efficiency of the institution. Make sure your campus ticks like clockwork with campus directory signs.

Illuminated Directory Signs

Illuminated directory signs have LED lights behind them that light up the signage making it look even more engaging and professional. Normally, these signs are made from acrylic or glass, so the light makes an impact; the light also helps to illuminate the signage making it more readable.