Reverse Halo Channel Letter Building Signs

Reverse Halo Channel Letter Building Sign

If you’re looking for stunning reverse LED channel letters, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Sunset Signs, we’re dedicated to creating beautiful backlit channel letters that reflect the message that you want to convey to your customers. When it comes to halo channel letters, nobody is better.

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What Are Reverse Halo Channel Letter Building Signs?

Reverse halo channel letter signs are a special kind of sign that illuminates the letters by lighting up the wall of the surrounding buildings. At Sunset Signs, we mount lights on the rear of the sign. When you switch on the lights for your channel letter signage, they illuminate the wall behind, creating a gentle glow that creates a contrast that makes the sign visible.

The lighting technique relies on the concept of negative space. The channel letters themselves do not light up. Instead, they stay dark, contrasting with the light shone on the wall behind them. The effect at night is stunning.

We fit LEDs to the back of the LED channel letters and fix a transparent piece of material at the rear, allowing light to pass through onto the backing wall.

Reverse halo channel letters are extremely popular for building mounted signs. We mount halo channel letters around one and a half inches from the wall, providing space for the light to diffuse. Often, we paint the inside of the letters with reflective paint, increasing the overall halo effect, and making the signs “pop.”

Why Use Halo Mounted Signs?

Reverse Halo Channel Letter Building Sign ServiceReverse halo building signs offer a distinct lighting effect and ooze quality. The backlighting is popular among businesses and organizations of all types, including hotels, restaurants, banks, building societies, credit unions, shopping malls, and even churches.

One of the reasons for the popularity of these signs is their elegance. Backlighting of signs at night creates a professional vibe, making them among the most popular new business signs that we sell.

As a retailer, you want your brand to stand out. The retail environment is highly competitive, so it’s vital to get an edge over the competition any way that you can.

Halo shopping center signs provide you with a tool for doing just that. Reverse-lit exterior signage provides your business with a unique visual appeal different from most other stores. Halo-effect storefront signs have an upmarket appearance, making them suitable for a vast array of businesses.

Get Customized, Reverse Halo Channel Letter Building Signs From Sunset Signs Today

When it comes to illuminated business signs, there’s only one choice: Sunset Signs. We’re different from other companies that make custom business signs for buildings, and we can prove it. Here’s why you should choose us for reverse halo channel letter signage today.

We’re UL Listed

Sunset Signs is UL listed and a licensed C45 electrical sign contractor. That means that we’re able to perform all of the electrical lighting work required for halo-effect signs – no need to approach a third-party contractor. We have the expertise and skills you need in-house to both fabricate and install lighted channel letter signs, reducing both hassle and cost.

One of our most important goals at Sunset Signs is to get the cost of manufacturing and installing your signs as low as possible. We do this through a combination of experience and state-of-the-art sign-creation machinery. Our team has more than 100 years of combined sign-making expertise, and we’ve been in business for over 25 years. With every year that passes, we learn how to do things more efficiently, letting us push our prices down and offer customers unbeatable rates.

Reverse-lit halo signs can be among the more expensive varieties. With us, however, the price is always low. Call us today to find out how affordable we can be for your business.

We Offer Superior Quality

Finding a partner who offers custom design sign fabrication and installation is a challenge, but that’s precisely what we do here at Sunset Signs. Our Accu-Bend bending system is a tool right at the technological frontier, which creates precise letter shapes, faithful to your initial design. The system is wholly automatic, working to a computer schematic, eliminating any human error from the process. The result is halo-lit channel letters that perfectly replicate the digital design.

At Sunset Signs, we’re a customer-focused business. We’re not satisfied until your sign has been successfully installed. We operate a fleet of trucks, installation vans, trailers, and delivery vehicles to ensure that your sign arrives on your premises as quickly as possible. Our four installation crews let us install signs of any size, giving you the flexibility that you need to make your halo channel letter building sign a reality.

Order Reverse Halo Channel Building Signs

Over the last 25 years, we’ve continued to earn business from our customers. Our goal is to make your company feel proud of its image through its signage. Halo effect signs are among the most powerful tools available to grab attention and convey the quality of your products and services. With professional signage from Sunset Signs, you can attract attention, boost your market share, and say something about your brand that you never could before.

Would you like to find out more about reverse halo signs? Get in touch with us today on (714) 255-9104 to find out more. Your success is our success.