Electronic Message Displays

Electronic Message Display Interactive

Electronic message displays can bring new life to your business. Whether it’s Shopping center signs, Digital Monument signs, Digital Pylon Signs, or Digital building signs, having an electronic message as opposed to a static sign is more effective in catching the attention of consumers and delivering the messages that are custom designed to improve their experience. This interactive technology takes things to another level and not only looks good but allows customers to interact with the content. If you’re looking for new ways to attract customers, new signage for your business, or effective ways to get your message across, here are some more reasons why you should consider electronic message displays.

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You Can Update Content Regularly

Electronic Message Display Boost PurchasesOne of the great things about Electronic Message Boards is that they can be controlled easily and you can update them any time. When your message changes, when you have a new offer on, when you have news you want to tell people, or just want to add some Christmas cheer to your message boards during the holiday season, this is really easy to do. This way you can let people know at the last minute if there is a sale on and boost your sales.


Another one of the benefits of electronic signage is that it is cost-effective. As mentioned, because it is customizable and can be changed as and when you want it, you don’t have to buy a new sign every time you want to say something new. Once your message signs have been installed, you can save money on traditional campaigns and printing, distribution, and waste materials. You could also if you wanted to sell the space and get paid by other businesses to advertise on your Message Board, so it’s not just saving money but you could be making it too.

Boosts Impulse Purchases

Whether you have Electronic monument signs, Electronic pylon signs, or Electronic building signs, then you can convey important messages, in-store specials, promotions, or messages that are critical at that moment. This can help to increase revenues by giving customers an extra push to complete a transaction by displaying information about impulse buys, promotions, and other specials.

Greater Retention Rates

While it’s great to get your customers to make purchases while they are there, it’s also important to get them to keep coming back, and LED Digital display Signage means that you can let customers know about upcoming events such as sales and promotions and people will remember them. According to the Arbitron Digital Billboard Report, when the display utilizes video, 83% of people recalled at least one ad they were shown over the past 30 days, 65% recalled two ads and 47% recalled three ads they had seen. Digital signage is memorable and not only this but the report also showed that almost one-in-five people talked about ads they saw on Electronic billboard signs with someone else, so they’re not just keeping the information about your business for themselves but they are passing it on to others and word of mouth marketing is one of the best kinds.

You Can Display Anything

Whether you want to display news and TV channels, Twitter feeds, photos, or adverts, the choice is yours when it comes to your electronic message displays. As there are so many options and you could have LED exterior digital advertising signs or LED digital boards, you really can put everything you need on display at a moment’s notice. It will be clear, precise, bright, and grab the attention of everyone you need it to.

Keep Up With The Competition

Technology is advancing all the time and if you want to stay ahead or keep up with your competitors then LED Digital display Signage is one way to do that. Marketing is a huge part of your business and now with so many ways to do it, you need to be making the biggest impact that you can. At Sunset Signs, we are a Daktronics authorized retailer and experts in Daktronics Installation. As technology seeps into every aspect of our lives, it seems like a natural progression to incorporate the benefits of digital signage into your business strategy to enhance customer experiences. Digital signage is an effective marketing tool that’s worth exploring. We can provide you with signage that is a cut above the rest and makes you stand out from the crowd.

A Good Impression To Customers

Electronic Message Display Good ImpressionYour signage could be the first impression you make to your potential customers and as you know, you only get one chance to make a first impression. If your signs are outdated and old-fashioned then customers will not only walk past, they might not even notice your business, or worse, they do notice your business but purposely avoid it because they think that it won’t be very good. Bad signage or old signage can give the impression that you don’t care about your business, so will you care about your customers? It can also give the impression that you’re behind the times which again means that customers won’t trust you to give them the best and most up-to-date services or products available.

Whether you’re looking for custom new digital gas station signs, Digital Monument Signs, or LED Video Displays for Advertising Businesses and Products, at Sunset Signs, we can help you. We have so much choice when it comes to signage and electronic message displays that you really can have what you want. We are the one-stop-shop for custom outdoor business sign design, fabrication, and installation including integrating Electronic Message Displays. Electronic Message Displays can be implemented onto monument signs, pylon signs, building signs and billboard signs. Give us a call with your ideas and we will help you turn them into a reality and show your customers what you have to offer. We will help you to promote your business, to get you noticed for the right reasons, and to get more people through your door. We will help you to communicate with your customers, to tell them what’s hot and to boost your sales.