Indoor and Outdoor Channel Letters Signs

Indoor and Outdoor Channel Letters Signs

Creating a great first impression is one of the most important challenges facing any modern business, not just because your store is up against a plethora of websites as well as the competing shops within the shopping centre or street vicinity. While there are many factors to consider, ranging from the logos and color schemes to cleanliness and organization, there’s no doubt that great signage should be one of the top items on your agenda. With indoor and outdoor channel letters, you’re sure to grab the attention of passersby and build a winning atmosphere once they’re inside.

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Here’s all you need to know about channel letter signage and what channel letters can achieve for your business.

Why Choose Channel Letters?

Indoor Channel Letters SignsChannel letters are a very popular choice for businesses of all sizes and industries. Ultimately, it boils down to the fact that they help the company stand out from the crowd while encouraging an emotional connection to professionalism and success. That’s not to say other signs can’t achieve those goals, but there’s no doubt that channel letters do it better than most.

One of the great things about channel letters is that they offer great versatility. Due to our manufacturing processes involved, our experts can turn any logo, any font, or any design into custom indoor and/or outdoor channel letter sign with guaranteed accuracy. Furthermore, they can be manufactured to your specifications, ensuring you find the right physical dimensions regardless of where the signage will be placed.

Custom Lighted Channel Letter Business Signs

Another huge selling point of channel letters is that they can be illuminated. This allows your business to grab the attention even at nighttime or in low lighting conditions. Whether the store is located on the street, in a retail park, or inside a shopping center doesn’t matter. This ability to make a powerful impact time and time again is hugely important for a modern business. Interior signs may be illuminated too, although this isn’t always required. Aside from being cost efficient to run, the style also means that blown bulbs will only ruin one letter rather than the whole sign. This make the maintenance and repair tasks very simple too.

While some marketing tools are temporary gimmicks that have no guaranteed future, channel letters have been popular for several years and will continue to thrive for as long as brick and mortar stores are in existence. Whether it’s sparking the interest of prospective clients or simply keeping the business fresh in the minds of existing customers, this is proven to be marketing tool that will generate huge results for many years to come.

As our portfolio shows, channel letters are used by a number of global companies as well as independent stores. Whatever your needs may be, channel letters offer a quick, affordable, and (most importantly) efficient answer to your signage questions. Given that this is one of the most pivotal marketing tools of all, it’s no wonder so many choose this solution.

It’s Not Just About Reading The Signs

The right signage will give any business a huge boost and can prove to be a crucial weapon in the battle for customers. However, the signs need to be supported by a host of other factors in order to create the best impression time and time again. That particular list of items can vary from business to business, but here are some of the most likely business sign types to consider:

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In today’s climate, it’s important to remember that a lot of clients will actively check your online presence too. A well-designed website with mobile optimization is essential while customer reviews and testimonials can be used to great advantage too. Nonetheless, the signage is still one of the most prominent features, which is why you must choose the right type. Opting for channel letters provides a great starting point, but you need to know that the final outcome delivers everything you expect and more.

Sunset Signs Are There Every Step Of The Way

Outdoor Channel Letters Signs

When seeking the best signage for your business, it’s important to remember that it’s not all about simply ordering a product. Whether it’s channel letters or another type of signage doesn’t matter, you’ll need to appreciate the three phases:

Design: Outside signs will be the first thing that passing customers will see while inside stores set the atmosphere of the store or office spaces. Therefore, the design needs to be right. Think eye-catching and bold designs that express your message in the most effective manner.

Manufacturing: It’s one thing for your sign to look great as a concept, but ensuring the final product turns out as expected is an extremely crucial factor. From using the best materials to embracing the right technicians and experts, only the best will do for your business.

Installation: Whether it’s above the shop window or on the back wall inside the store, the positioning and alignment of your sign are integral features for making the right impression. Get this wrong, and your venture will suddenly feel far less professional.

Each of those aspects is crucial and requires a great level of expertise. Unfortunately, splitting those aspects across several companies can compromise the quality, increase the cost, and delay the process. Sunset Signs can complete all aspects of the job with diligence and professionalism at every turn. Moreover, the fact that we’re UL listed and a licensed contractor means you can order with immense confidence.

From conception to completion, your business is in safe hands with us.

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