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Custom outdoor business signs are an excellent addition to your signage for your business or any other location. They immediately grab people’s attention, whether they’re up close or far away. You can position them in many different places, whether it’s on an exterior wall facing outward or hanging at a right angle to the wall, on the ground outside your entrance or by the sidewalk, or even further away. As well as showing people how to find you, and making sure they know that you’re there, they’re great for enhancing your brand image and ensuring a continued, established presence in the neighborhood. Sunset Signs has been providing outdoor signs for decades, and here’s what we can do for you.

Storefront Signs for Your Business

Outdoor Store Front SignIf you own a business, you need to advertise it in a number of ways. Many businesses rely on walk-in traffic, from restaurants to stores. If you want to make sure that you attract customers as they walk or drive past, you need to make sure that capture their attention and convince them to come and see you. Whether you have a storefront right on the street or your building is set back from the sidewalk or road, storefront signage can attract passersby to take a detour and visit your business. Of course, there are also people who are already planning to come and see you. You need to ensure they can locate you when they arrive, and that they can get around your premises if you have multiple buildings.

Exterior business signs aren’t just for helping people to find you, though. They’re also there to improve your business image and promote your brand. That’s why it’s important to keep them clean and well-maintained and to update them now and then. Smart and attractive signage contributes to your business reputation, so make sure that yours doesn’t let you down.

Other Uses for Outdoor Signs

It’s not only businesses such as offices, stores or restaurants that can benefit from outdoor signs. They can be very useful for a range of environments and settings, from college campuses to gated communities, neighborhoods and apartment buildings. Anyone who needs clear signage to advertise or signpost a building or any other location can benefit from custom architectural signs. If you need to refresh the exterior of your building or improve navigation for visitors, staff or residents, outdoor signage can help you to achieve your goals. Sunset Signs has been designing, creating and installing signs for years, and we can meet your needs for all your exterior signs.

The Benefits of Outdoor Signs

Outdoors signs offer many advantages for your business or other location. If you’re thinking about improving a building with outdoor signs, you can benefit from:

Exterior Outdoor Signs

  • Improved visibility for your location
  • Better brand image and reputation
  • Keeping your business up to date and well-maintained
  • Easier navigability around your premises
  • Earn money from advertising space offered to other brands

When you choose Sunset Signs to create your custom outdoor signs, you can guarantee that you’ll receive excellent quality products every time. Not only will we design and manufacture your signs for you, but we will install them too.

Types of Outdoor Sign

There are many types of outdoor sign that will help you to meet your goals. They can all offer different benefits to improve your business image. The types of signs you can get from Sunset Signs include:

  • Channel letter signs
  • Monument signs
  • Pylon signs
  • Pole and can signs
  • Foam and acrylic signs
  • Illuminated signs
  • Wooden signs

Here’s a little bit more about these types of signs and their benefits.

Store Front Channel SignsChannel Letter Signs – These signs offer you big and bold lettering, which is ideal for custom outdoor signs. If you want to make an excellent first impression with your signage, channel letters are a particularly good choice for storefront signs. You can light them up to give them even more power to draw people in.

Monument Signs usually sit on the ground, unlike many other types of sign. They’re a great choice for marking the location of apartment buildings, campus dorms, large businesses, office blocks and even churches. They’re often placed on a wall made of stone, concrete or another solid material. They look great sitting on a lawn in front of a building, which is where many choose to put them.

Pylon Signs are taller signs that help you to advertise your business further away. Because they’re taller, you don’t need to up close to your building to spot them. With a lot of space on a pylon sign, they can be used to advertise a number of businesses or products at once. Some people add them to their business premises so that they can sell the advertising space.

Pole and Can Signs – These signs can also be taller, although they can be closer to ground-level too. Some pole signs can allow for a main sign at the top, as well as more space for signage below it. Use a pole sign to catch people’s attention from further away.

Foam and Acrylic Signs – Signs can be made using a range of materials, depending on budget, style, durability, and more. Foam and acrylic signs offer an affordable but durable option that is ideal for using outdoors. The acrylic is tough and can be chosen in many colors and designs.

Lighted Business Signs – Lighted signs are fantastic for using outdoors, and they also make good interior signs. Cabinet signs are great for lighting up because their boxed look can be lit from either one side only or both sides.

Custom Outdoor Signs from Sunset Signs

Contact Sunset Signs if you’re looking for either outdoor or indoor signs. If you’re looking for interior signs as well as exterior signs, we have dimensional signs, lobby signs and LED signs that are perfect for using inside. No matter what type of sign you want, we will design, manufacture and install it for you. There’s no need to go anywhere else for your signage needs when you can get everything in one place.