Strip Mall Signage

At Sunset Signs, we offer an extraordinary strip mall signage service that is perfect for any business in Southern California and beyond. Our employees have a combined experience of 100’s of years in the industry, striving to give exceptional customer service, superior quality and affordable prices to all of our clients. Orange Counties #1 source for strip mall signage, we design and fabricate quality business signs within one of our 11,000 SQ. Ft sign manufacturing facilities before installing them outside of your business.

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We know that strip mall signs need to be eye-catching, vibrant and one of a kind. That’s why we only create signage that will create a lasting memory in the minds of passing customers – no matter if it is located in a small strip mall or a major shopping centre. Standing out amongst other businesses on the board, we can create a sign using our state of the art technology – to make sure that each letter is perfect. Eliminating any potential human error, our technology is the best in the business – making us stand out amongst others within the industry.

Increasing your sales, profits and brand visibility in the long term, strip mall signage carries many benefits that you can reap from the moment that we install your sign. To find out more about the type of signs that we offer, click on the links below or get in contact with us today.

Our strip mall signage services include:

What Material Are The Signs Made Out Of?

We offer signs made from a range of materials, from plastic to metal, wood and more – so no matter what material you are looking for, we’ve got you covered. Whether you are a new business or a long-established business, we can create a sign that showcases what your brand is all about in a material that suits your requirements. Our graphic designers will take the time to craft your sign using specialized tools and techniques – combined with their decades of experience.

Alternatively, if you require a complete strip mall signage service, we can work with you to create several signs in the design that you want. We will also obtain all of the necessary permits to guarantee that the signs follow any and all regulations. Experts in the field, your strip mall sign will carry versatile messaging and will add value to your commercial space immediately.

All of the materials that we use will withstand any type of weather, ensuring that it doesn’t fade in the sun or diminish with inclement weather. We know that California can have varied climates throughout the seasons, so you need a sign that will be reliable – no matter what the time of year. Durable and hard-wearing, your signage can be enjoyed for many years to come.

To find out if we have the material that you want, get in contact with us today.

Why Choose Us?

We offer a bespoke service, listening to what you want and delivering a sign that you are proud to display. Sparking an interest and drawing customers to your business, it will make a wonderful first impression that will stay with them for long after they have seen it. If you’re unsure as to what type of sign that’s appropriate for your business, we can guide you on what will be the best fit. So don’t hesitate! Get a sign that will greatly impact the way that your business operates now.

UL Listed, we are a California Licensed C45 Electrical Sign Contractor, with the skills and knowledge to deliver incredible signage – whether you own a restaurant, hair salon or another type of business. Set up in 1992, we are licensed bonded insured and proud to say that all of our signs are American made. With small and humble beginnings, we have grown immensely over the years to work with a variety of clients in Southern California.

Over the years, we are proud to say that we have worked with numerous big names from Taco Bell to The Pizza Press and Domino’s Pizza which shows we are trusted by the best. With numerous glowing five-star testimonials and many repeat customers, we know that the impact that your business makes is vital to its success – and that is at the forefront of our mind from start to finish.

Custom Installation

Each of our customers will get a custom installation service to ensure that they are happy with how it looks and the overall effect it gives. We provide building sign removal and new building sign installation. Boasting an installation truck with a 60” reach, we can install your sign quickly and efficiently – so that you can start to enjoy the benefits that come with the sign as soon as possible. Adjusting the sign/s to how you want it, we will make sure that you are satisfied with its position when we are installing it.

Get in Contact With Us Today

From the initial designing process right up to the delivery and installation of your sign, we guarantee to keep in contact with you to inform you of our progress. This communication will prove to be invaluable in creating a sign that’s perfect for your business. If you have any queries throughout the process, don’t hesitate to call us and ask for an update or anything else that might cross your mind.

Do you want to find out more about our strip mall signage services and how we can transform the look of your business today? Then don’t hesitate! Get in contact with us now and get a free quote and consultation today. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to create a truly remarkable sign that you will be proud of from the moment that it is fitted!