Sign Contractor

Sign Contractor

Regardless your business or organization, lighted signage by a UL listed sign contractor will be an essential step in giving it the visibility, the visual branding, and the curb appeal it needs to succeed. Rather than simply producing a low-quality, generic print-off sign, you should give your name and logo the attention and care it deserves. Sunset Signs is a sign contractor that can help you do just that. We are a C45 Electrical Sign contractor, ensuring that all our projects match the highest standards in quality and safety, giving your business or brand the ability to truly stand out.

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From outdoor signs, retail signs and architectural signs to restaurant signs and custom lobby signs, we work with clients big and small, across a wide range of industries with a variety of different needs. We can produce a wide range of interior and exterior signs to help bring your brand to life. Whether you want to offer your business the visibility it deserves or to convey the information that customers and clients need, Sunset Signs is the sign contractor who can provide a one-stop-shop to fit all demands with high-quality productions, top customer service, and a huge range of customizable products.

The benefits of working with a UL listed sign contractor

Sign Contractor ServiceRather than buying or printing a generic sign, working with a sign contractor allows you to gain access to a wide variety of different formats, materials, and signage techniques. The increased quality of the sign itself can lend a series of advantages to your business or brand, including the following:

  • High-quality, professionally made signs are much better at catching at the attention of the general public, and different formats work better depending on whether you want your brand to be visible to pedestrians or road users.
  • A good sign can help create brand awareness, by making more people able to more readily recognize the visual style of the business or organization.
  • Visual branding is key to keeping businesses competitive. Your building or storefront can equip itself with a distinct, high-quality look that draws the attention away from competitors and towards your business.
  • Combined with other visual branding, such as the website, logo, printed material, and more, both interior & exterior signage enhance brand consistency, enhancing its recognizability.
  • Unlike generic products, working with a sign contractor gives you access to advanced techniques like custom sign lettering and Matthews Paint color matching. This way, you can further customize your signs and ensure that you get both the visual fidelity and the distinct style you want.

Examples of our signage products

The signage needs of two clients are rarely the same. Some clients want exterior signs, others want interior signs. Some need to help make their storefront stand out, while others want to create signs that can catch attention from far away. Based on the location, layout, and wants of the client, we can recommend and complete a wide variety of products. Here are some we specialize in:

Sign Contractor Products

Channel letters are signs regularly on the face of the building signs with text that stands apart from the wall or sign base. Accu Bend automates the bending process making sure every letter is perfect.

Light box signs / Cabinet Signage are a type of custom illuminated signage options. The under-lighting in these signs helps them stand out at night or in darker, interior environments

Monument signs are free-standing, horizontal signs. They are good at catching the attention of both pedestrians and road users and can feature multiple signs.

Pylon signs are like monument signs but are arranged vertically instead of horizontally.

Pole signs are extremely tall signs, with a pole featuring the sign itself at the very top. Can be an excellent tool for achieving visibility to those far away, such as drivers in traffic.

Interior signs include a wide range that can be used in the lobby, as wall decorations, or anywhere else you might need them. They can be used to help highlight businesses that share office space or a building with others, or to help create a visual consistency to match exterior signage.

Whether you already know which kind of sign will work best depending on your location and your needs, or you want to learn more, get in touch. We work with clients, helping them get more informed about the different options so they can choose the most effective solution.

Choose Sunset Signs

Competitive Pricing, Superior Quality is the mission statement of sunset signs boiled down to its most basic elements. Our aim is to provide the most cost-effective services possible alongside the standard of work our brand has become known for.

Sunset SignsAs a US-based company, all our signs are American Made in Anaheim California. You’re not going to be bogged down by dealing with a company that doesn’t understand the needs of US clients. To ensure that, each project gets a dedicated project manager, serving as your contact for anything related to the production of your sign. We aim to keep communication concise and clear, so you always have one contact you can reliably touch base with.

We are more than equipped to handle orders of any scale to meet any demand. We have over 100 years combined experience, and our team includes UL electric sign contractor and C-45 Electrical Sign contractor. We work from a state of the art 11,000 sq. ft. facility with state-of-the-art machinery. We have the space, the equipment, and the expertise that you can trust to deliver all of your signage needs.

Hundreds of clients have already enjoyed the benefits of working with Sunset Signs as their sign contractor, with guaranteed quality and in-depth customization options for every single order we carry out. Whether interior or exterior, monument, pylon, pole or otherwise, we can deliver.

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If you need a sign contractor, then Sunset Signs can be the perfect partner to ensure your complete satisfaction. Whether you already know what you want, or you want to work with us to find the single best solution for your needs, get in touch today.