3D Acrylic Signs

3D Acrylic Signs

A great way to market your building and to declare its presence is to invest in high-quality signage. 3D acrylic signs and custom acrylic signs are perfect for this. Custom letter signs, LED acrylic signs and custom dimensional signage can also make a major impact. This high-end and detailed sign installation will immediately showcase the values of your brand – that is, professionalism, a willingness to care for the big picture, and the ability to invest where it matters. As such, acrylic signs can provide the strongest first impression possible.

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3D Acrylic signs are fully-rendered, three-dimensional signs made from acrylic. They can be free-standing or mounted to several different exterior and interior applications. They help your brand’s logo, name or branded design showcase itself in an actualized form, outside of just imagery.

They can be a fantastic next step in promoting the values of a business by showcasing your willingness to invest in the details. They also stand as imposing and noticeable signage that can help you stand out in an industrial park, on the high street, or in a local town. Thanks to their three-dimensional design and presence, they also afford greater creative options regarding the king of signage you’re looking for.

Why choose 3D acrylic signs?

There are an incredible array of benefits to choosing 3D acrylic to develop business signs and building signs alike.

The beneficial features are as follows:

  • Acrylic is a UV-protected, tough material, perfect for both interior and exterior applications without fading.
  • Acrylic signs can come in any size you find most suitable, allowing for large freestanding signs, exterior office-building installation, or small interior overheads to display in offices.
  • Acrylic designs can be cut into any appropriate shape you need.
  • A wide array of color options, including translucent are available.
  • Acrylic 3D signs can withstand a range of temperatures and weather conditions, as they will be totally waterproof no matter the design you opt for.

What options/applications are available?

3D Acrylic Signs InstallationAll 3D acrylic signs are laser cut to ensure the most accurate representation of your design and the smoothest edges. Signs can also be applied and then removed later should your office or building undergo expansion or should you move premises.

Gloss lettering, pastel colors, and even standoff fixings are all available. Make sure you contact us to help you get the best out of your signage idea.

Sunset Signs also offer LED channel letter signage, custom dimensional signage, and LED acrylic signs just to name a few additional services.

How is signage installed?

Installing signage is a delicate process that takes time but can be achieved with the right qualified professionals. We operate our own crane machinery to give us perfect access no matter where you’d prefer your exterior sign to be placed. We can also ensure signs are placed upon freestanding walls to make sure that your sign’s message is read clearly.

We consult with you every step of the way, including making suggestions for where your finished product may have the maximum impact. This way, we’re present starting conception all the way up to final delivery – always using your approval as permission for the next step.

How can acrylic signs help you stand out?

There are many reasons why 3D acrylic signage is considered the best signage option out there.

For one, it’s absolutely durable. You don’t need to worry about this signage fading with time or looking any less worthwhile than it does from the first day of installation.

3D signage is also more ‘present’, in that it has a tangible size, shape, and texture. It looks impressive and imposing and most of all – noticeable. They look like crafted works of art as opposed to imagery printed onto a sign.

3D acrylic signage also helps your logo or brand name come to life. When designed as more than just a 2D printed sign, your business seems more authoritative and ‘present’ than it otherwise could.

Not only does signage like this provide you with an impressive presence for those in proximity to your building, but it can look fantastic in marketing photography used on your website or social media pages.

You can also enhance the effect of 3D printed signage by implementing beautiful lighting surrounding it, helping your firm retain its impressive branded presence even in the dark. Is there any wonder why so many businesses are investing in such a wonderful branding opportunity?

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From then on, our sign installation and crane service will be manned by qualified professionals to help place your sign exactly where you want it. This will enable your new sign to sit proudly and to provide the most appealing visual impact.

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