Acrylic Letter Signs

Acrylic Letter Signs

Acrylic letter signs have been the go-to for businesses looking for excellent signs to stand out from the crowd. They can be found on shop fronts and establishments all over the world.

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Acrylic signs, which can be used for both interior and exterior signage, attract attention and provide a long-lasting signage solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Benefits from acrylic letter signs for your businesses

The versatility of acrylic signs is probably the most crucial asset, followed by its durability. Exterior acrylic signs, for example, outside a building to give a company a consistent and professional appearance and this can be carried through to inside, with custom made interior acrylic signs.

Not only that but because acrylic signs typically last longer than signs made of other materials, they are a long-term investment.

Other benefits of acrylic building signs include:

  • Facade Sign ServiceThey are able to be customized to almost any design of your choosing
  • They can be lit up to give the extra wow factor
  • They are lightweight yet durable
  • They give a professional and attractive finish to your building

Businesses will find acrylic to be a handy signage material for everything from office door plaques and dynamic lobby signs to a water-resistant exterior sign.

Custom painted acrylic letter signs

We utilize Matthews Paint industry standard paints to ensure accurate color matching and long-term durability of your advertising sign. For a long time to come, the acrylic material will provide you with stunning, brilliant colors. With painted signs, you have to worry about repainting or even totally replacing your signage on a regular basis, whereas with smart acrylic signs, it just isn’t something that you have to think about.

Are acrylic letter signs heavy?

Far from it! Your laser cut acrylic signs, no matter how big or small, are lightweight , allowing them to be easily installed whether you want them hung from a wall, a ceiling or even on the roof. If you fancy switching things around, it is simple. If you are planning to transport them from venue to venue for different events, it is easy, even with 3d acrylic letter signs. This makes them much safer if they were to be dropped or knocked over.

Weather and shatter resistant acrylic letter signs

Sturdy signage designs help you save money while also ensuring that the signs you have are safe. Our acrylic signs are shatter-resistant, so if they are damaged, they will not shatter into a pile of tiny sharp pieces. This is especially important for outdoor signs, where there is a higher risk of something hitting the sign or it falling. Our signs are made to last, so you can rely on them.

There are many uses of acrylic letter & logo signs

Grab peoples attention

Lighted Lobby SignsYou literally have seconds to make an impact on the people walking past or driving past your store, and acrylic letter signs, particularly push through letter signs, are the perfect way to grab their attention and tempt them into your store.The outline of letters, logos, and forms are carved from aluminium to create an eye-catching push through channel letter. After that, the matching acrylic shapes are slid into the gaps in the aluminium to form the sign’s front facing component. Because of the combination of strong LED lights and vinyl film, practically any hue may be made. When it comes to design, the choices are unlimited – and that is what every business owner wants for their signage.

Direct guests and customers to the right place

You may need to direct individuals both indoors and outdoors at times. Acrylic signs are perfect for labelling different rooms in your company or telling guests where to go in hotels, restaurants, clubs and so on. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to select the ideal design for clear and functional signs that also look great.

Signage in your lobby

The lobby or reception room of your business is generally the first thing people encounter after the exterior of your building. Signs reassure customers that they are in the right location while also enhancing your brand image and establishing a positive first impression on visitors. You might want to put up logo signs behind your reception area, as well as directional signs to direct customers where they need to go.

Quality guaranteed

Here at Sunset Signs, we make laser cut and engraved signs for any use using the most up-to-date, cutting-edge technology. The size and shape of the laser cut acrylic signs are entirely up to you, however we know from our 100+ years of staff experience that the proportions must be established before the cutting process can begin. With our laser cutting equipment, we are able to create precise, skilled cuts for clean, sharp finishes.

Sunset Signs has been producing superb quality acrylic building signs in Southern California. We can provide you with signs for all requirements and purposes, the quality of which you will never find anywhere else. If you want professional, we are the people to call. Not only can we guarantee great quality, but our acrylic letter signs are competitively priced alongside superb customer service.

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We love assisting businesses in creating an engaging, interesting, and welcoming environment that precisely reflects their brand. So, whether you need help designing a 3D logo or just need some customized office lobby signage, why not contact us today and speak to one of our helpful advisors? We provide free quotations that include a site survey to guarantee that all dimensions and placement requirements are met. We have more than 25 years of experience in the acrylic signage industry and can’t wait to share our knowledge and skill with you.

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