Aluminum Panel Signs with Large Format Printed Decals

Aluminum Panel Signs with Large Format Printed Decals

Ensuring that your company stands out from the crowd to make a memorable first impression is one of the significant business decisions you’ll ever face in business. After all, the level of competition is greater than ever, which is why your brand needs to do more than its competitors straight off the bat. The right type of business signage can go a long way to helping you win the win for customers, and aluminum panel signs with large format printed decals can make all the difference. And with Sunset Signs, the sky’s the limit!

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Channel Letters Mounted on AluminumWhen selecting signage for your business, there are a number of contributing factors to consider. First and foremost, choosing the right supplier is essential. Otherwise, you could be left with a product that fails to provide the winning first impression you crave. Sunset Signs is UL and C45 listed sign contractors, which provides you with the peace of mind your business deserves. Crucially, we can handle every aspect of your aluminium panel signs with large format printed decals needs.

Our highly skilled team can design, manufacture, install, replace, and repair signage of all types. Whether it’s finding a quality sign for a new brand or giving your current premises a facelift by upgrading the overhead signage, Sunset Signs has you covered. Given that our aluminum panel signs are ideal for outdoor signage, restaurant signage, retail signage, and architectural signage, it’s a winning selection in a whole range of scenarios.

With over 25 years of experience and exceptional value for money thrown into the mix, Sunset Signs is the obvious solution – especially when opting for an advanced type of signage like aluminum panel signs with large format printed decals.

Stand Out By Combining Multiple Attractive Elements In One Glorious Sign

If your goal in business is to ensure that your company stands out from the crowd, you need to give prospective clients every reason to pay attention. Aluminum panel signs with large format printed decals are designed to do just that as they combine the winning attributes of aluminum panels with the eye-catching elements of the large printed decals.

Aluminum panel signs offer a distinctly stylish look that works wonders for modern businesses. Moreover, our manufacturing processes offer an immense level of versatility regarding the design elements. From choosing the right number of panels and dimensions to finding the perfect shapes and cuts, the control is in your hands.

Aluminum Panel Signs with Printed DecalsThe aluminum panels can be treated with a range of sign making processes too. Whether opting for a standard block color background or using a more complex design, such as using the panels to display artistic imagery, this is a suitable choice of material. This can completely transform the appearance of a building’s exterior, garnering interest and appeal from all passersby. Finishes include brushed, polished, mirrored.

Aside from the practicalities, it is a material that allows our team to work quickly and efficiently while providing you with the most affordable pricing.

Large format decals are used in conjunction with the aluminum panels to create a 3D effect and display your brand name or message with far greater authority. This winning combination guarantees that the premises won’t go unnoticed. Likewise, this esthetic fits perfectly with brands from a wide variety of business sectors and can be suitable for;

  • Retail stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Dealerships
  • Office buildings
  • Casinos and entertainment venues
  • And many more.

Whether displayed above the entranceways, on the side of a building, or any other external part of your commercial property, custom aluminum signs with large format printed decals are sure to leave a lasting impression. Depending on the size of the reception area, they are often a great choice for indoor business signs.

More Than Just An Attractive Feature

Grabbing the attention is one thing, but you ultimately need your signage to actively encourage punters to enter your premises and think about completing a purchase. Otherwise, the investment has futile.

The use of custom made aluminum signs with large format printed decals are one of the best solutions, then, because they offer a wide range of benefits. Here are just five additional reasons (other than standing out) that justifies your decision to choose this type of signage;

  • They don’t merely stand out from the crowd but actively give the business a professional appearance. This can instantly encourage prospective clients to associate the company with a level of quality.
  • Designs can be saved and replicated with ease. So, if your signage needs to be displayed at various locations, this makes the process far quicker. Not least because the panels and printed elements can be scaled to size.
  • They can be fitted with additional items such as LED lighting to further increase the appeal and help the business stand out at night. This is particularly useful for restaurants and entertainment venues, as well as businesses located by major roads.
  • Without being completely self-sustainable, they are greener than a lot of alternative solutions due to the manufacturing processes and the fact that they are built to last. The flexibility over panel sizes reduce the need for waste too.
  • They are very durable and require minimal maintenance, ensuring that the business continues to create that positive first impression for years to come without distracting your team from its core tasks.

Essentially, aluminum panels with large decals tick all of the boxes. They grab the attention and set a winning impression while their memorable properties ensure that the brand name remains fresh in their minds. When supported by the pricing, speed of turnarounds, and durability of the materials, they truly are a godsend for any modern business that’s looking to create the wow factor for their premises.

The Final Word

When considering signage for the external areas of your buildings, aluminum panel signs with large format printed decals are among the best custom business signs on the market. Sunset Signs have helped thousands of clients with their needs over the years, and continue to pride themselves on producing the best results time and time again. To learn more about this type of signage and discuss the possibilities for your brand, give our friendly experts a call today.