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Sunset Signs has recently completed a project that really connects our accomplishment with our name. We completed a project creating custom wayfinding signs in LAX airport that helps travelers navigate the enormous transport hub.

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The designs use custom-crafted signs built into the ceilings to wordlessly direct the eyes of travelers to not only highlight the worded signage but also guide foot traffic in a way that keeps preventing congestion.

To accomplish this, Sunset Signs leveraged over 25 years of experience and their expansive facility to conceptualize, design, fabricate and install the signage at the LAX airport.

Effective Wayfinding Signs

Effective wayfinding signage is about more than just nicely printed letters in a clear, understandable font. It’s more than a square or rectangular sign with a logo printed on it. Signage can be complex and highly customized. We have the means to go exceptionally high tech, which similarly means designs can be profoundly high concept.

What does that mean with a project like the one at LAX featuring airport signs with effects?

The first step involves looking beneath the surface. Beneath the clever airport wayfinding signs, you see the complex infrastructure necessary to build the signage into the airport’s architecture in a way that is pleasing to the eye and easy to follow.

Architectural Signage Fabrication

Architectural Signage FabricationBeyond the complex design, extensive custom architectural signage fabrication is necessary to achieve the look accomplished at LAX. This is not something that can be accomplished by any company offering signage. In fact, most companies do have the experience, facilities or creativity necessary to accomplish such a project.

This is where Sunset Signs shines. In addition to 25 years of excellence, the company features a state-of-the-art fabrication facility where each piece can be custom crafted to the needs of the client and the requirements of the infrastructure where the sign will be installed.

It’s important to understand the space and its needs. An old saying for making clothes is apt here — “measure twice, cut once.” Sunset Signs will work with the client and their contractors to ensure the signage meets strict requirements and deliver quality that is unmatched in the industry.

The state-of-the-art equipment in the Sunset Signs facility unlocks the limitless potential to meet client needs for custom lobby signs. Beyond fabrication, the company is also a UL Listed, licensed C45 electrical sign contractor. That means the company will not only be able to design the look of the sign, but also customize how it is perceived through light design.

Whether it’s creating wayfinding signs to help people navigate LAX or highlighting the location of a business and its services, Sunset Signs offers industry-leading knowledge of how to effectively raise awareness to needs and businesses that align with the client specifications.

LAX Wayfinding Signs

And while the complex design of the LAX wayfinding signs reflect the style and sophistication the company brings to its work, Sunset Signs knows how to nail the basics of classic sign designs. Their experience and state-of-the-art equipment elevates those concepts in a way that transcends clients’ wildest expectations.

With all of the tools needed to provide machine-perfected channel lettering and handcrafted design through a multitude of signage mediums and the in-house manufacturing space needed to execute projects, Sunset Signs can accomplish even the most complex signage needed for entire awareness campaigns.

Architectural Sign Installation

Architectural Signage InstallationIt’s important to note that this not only includes electrical signs, but also interior business signs and exterior signs. And moreover, it’s not just making the signs, it is installing them as well.

With the LAX project, that means designing, crafting and transporting lighted ceiling signs with effects to the airport, creating a safe work environment in an occupied space and efficiently installing the architectural signage into the ceilings. Our experienced crew was able to accomplish the project with minimal disruption, leveraging decades of experience as a layer-upon-layer of the complex signage was installed.

The project reflects the company’s ability to create custom signage that pleases the eye and engages the audience.

The LAX project reflects the best of Sunset Signs’ 25 years of business. Those years of experience have allowed the company to focus on offering strong customer service, competitive pricing, and superior quality.

State of the Art Technology

Our focus on excellence can even be found in our investment in technology, from an automated bending process that removes human error from creating the perfect lettering on signage to custom paint mixing that unlocks a palette of more than 80,000 colors to the client.

The company’s complex image cutting technology enables contour cutting on many materials and their laser engraving technology enables them to create stunning, lifelike images on almost any surface.

Custom Sign Fabrication

Every sign can be made from scratch, and the infrastructure can be crafted from welded steel, aluminum, even stainless steel, wood, plastic, etc.

What makes Sunset Signs so effective? Experienced project managers oversee the signs from conceptualization, fabrication, and installation.

Everything can be done in-house until it is time to install the signs, which is when the company’s four highly-talented installation crews spring into action, equipped with bucket trucks, vans and everything needed to get the job done.

The next time you walk through LAX, it will be Sunset Designs who helped you find your way, and it’s high-quality work that helped you enjoy the walk.

To see more examples of what we’ve accomplished, check out our portfolios for each category of custom sign design, sign fabrication and installation.