LED Channel Letter Signs

LED Channel Letter Signs

Are you keen to improve levels of foot traffic to your business and get your company the attention it deserves from potential customers? If so, you need to invest in our LED channel letter signs. These are guaranteed to ensure that your business stands out, looks professional and impresses all potential customers that walk or drive by. With these signs you can increase your customer reach and easily improve your brand perception too!

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You should never underestimate the importance of your business exterior. For many buyers, this is the first impression they will get from your company. You need that impression to be absolutely flawless and LED lit channel letter signs are the perfect way to do it.

Channel Letter Building Signs for Businesses

This is a form of exterior channel letter signage that can be fitted anywhere on your business building. They are often fitted above doors, windows or even to the roof. Completely custom designed, these signs are lit by an internal source to guarantee that your business stands out from the rest. As such, they are usually chosen by businesses in crowded areas where it is crucial to gain attention over the competition.

Custom LED Channel Letter Signs

Channel Letter Exterior SignsWe can provide fantastic LED channel letter designs that can be installed on the front of any building. A bespoke, unique solution, we can customize your designs to meet your requirements and goals so that it matches the aesthetic and your business brand perfectly.

Do you want a particular size, shape or style? We can meet all these requirements and guarantee that the sign we create is perfect for your needs.

If you have a design, we’ll create a beautiful LED lit sign for you! Our LED channel letter signs won’t just match your expectations, they will exceed them! So if you have a logo or design that you are eager to transform into a stunning LED sign, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are ready and able to take on any type of order and provide the fantastic sign that you need.

We Can Fabricate Any Style of Channel Letter Signs

There are various different LED channel letter signs that could be perfect for your business and we offer them all! You can choose the one that matches your needs:

Front Lit Channel Letter – For this design, LED light is projected through acrylic front surfaces. Your signage will shine brightly throughout the day with this possibility and immediately capture attention from customers. Instead of walking by they are sure to walk through your doors.

LED Channel Letter

Reverse Lit Channel Letter – With this possibility the LED light is reflected from the back of the letter on to the channel letter raceway or the building. This option is also known as halo-lit or backlit channel letters. The benefit of this option is that the lighting extends beyond the letters themselves, taking a larger surface area. As such, you’ll have a grander design guaranteed to impress.

Open Face Channel Letter – Though similar in design, this option provides a brighter light, guaranteed to make an impression. If you love the idea of an LED sign for your business but want it to be as bright and beautiful as possible, then this is the best choice. It’s particularly fantastic if you want a colored light design.

Regardless of which style you choose, we can provide the sign you want for your business. This is true regardless of the logo, lettering, or any design you choose. Each custom design can be beautifully customized around one of the signage styles that we offer.

Channel Letter Installation

We don’t just sell beautiful specialty channel letters. We’ll handle the installation too. This means that you can ensure that your sign will be installed and set up the right way from day one. We won’t rest until it is perfectly positioned and looks fantastic as part of your building.

Channel Letter Exterior Sign ServiceYou can put your trust in us when handling installations as we are a C45 electrical sign contractor. Licensed and insured, we aim to make sure that you have complete peace of mind when ordering one of our products for your building design.

Are you wondering where your need Channel Lit LED sign can be installed? We are thrilled to say that we can install them virtually anywhere. Whether you want your sign fitted directly to the wall, mounted with a wireway or even a raceway, we can cater to all the possibilities.

Why LED Lighting is the Best Option

Whether you’re looking for an open face channel letter or a reverse lit channel letters, you might be wondering why LEDs are the best choice. We use LED lighting because we can make sure they are colored to match a specific design. This ensures that the exterior of your building looks professional, elegant and absolutely incredible. It also ensures that your exterior building design is more unique and impressive. You won’t be disappointed with the killer look our channel lit LED signs provide for your building.

Quality Guaranteed

You might be worried about the quality of channel lit LED sign. Perhaps you have seen a front lit channel letter sign where some of the letters are brighter than the others. Or, maybe you have noticed that the signs don’t look professional at all. This isn’t going to be an issue when you order from us. We do all in-house fabrication and this means that we put every order through a string of quality checks. We won’t sell a sign to you that doesn’t match or surpass our high standards and we know the value of quality.

Our team of designers and installers are highly trained experts. This ensures that from order to installation, your business is always in the hands of people you can trust.

So if you’re looking to increase your presence, improve your visibility and gain the attention that your business deserves, order your Channel Letter LED sign today. You will love the new look it provides for your building and we provide the absolute best service on the market!