Custom Letter Signs

Custom Letter Signs

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Custom letter signs are one of the most popular signage options for businesses, often referred to as channel letter signs. Offering increased versatility, letter signs can be created from a range of materials and enhanced to deliver various types of effects. Giving you the opportunity to establish and advertise your brand, custom letters can be used to create effective, innovative and original signage solutions.

Is a channel letter sign right for your business?

Letter SignsChannel letter signs are a great choice for businesses due to the flexibility they offer. With custom letter signs, you can opt for individual letters or entire words. Depending on your existing branding, you may want to combine channel letter signs to comprise entire words and separate lettering.

In addition to this, symbols and custom logos can also be produced using the same technology as custom letter signs. Ensuring your entire signage and branding complements each other is important, and channel letter signage does just this.

Making your company distinct

Custom letters ensure your company name or brand remains distinctive, regardless of your location or industry. Dimensional signs make your company name stand out – literally! – and they grab people’s attention. Whether a customer is looking for your premises specifically or you want to entice new patrons to choose your business over a competitor’s, a custom LED channel letter sign will ensure your premises are highly visible and effortlessly distinctive.

Range of color options

Custom Letter Sign InstallColor is an important part of the branding process, and you may already be using custom colors or color combinations within your company. Custom channel letter signs can be produced in any color or any range of colors, so you can ensure your existing branding is carried over into your new signage.

Painted to any specification, you can be sure your new signage will enhance your premises and establish your brand. Whether you want to opt for bold, neon colors or a more subtle hue, a custom channel sign can be created to fit your company’s needs.

Lighting options for custom letters

When you choose custom letters for your signage, you can enhance them with a range of lighting options. Perfect for increasing visibility, appropriate lighting will enhance the effectiveness of your signage and ensure customers are aware of your brand at any time of the day or night.

LED lighting is a popular choice for channel lettering, as it offers a bright and distinctive signage. By lighting up the letters directly, face lit LED lighting creates unmistakable signage and clear, readable lettering. LED lighting is also extremely energy efficient, so it’s a great option for businesses who want to enhance their eco-credentials or adopt more environmentally-friendly policies.

LED Gemini Letter SignsCustom letter signs offer great visibility generally, face lit signs ensure your company’s signs can be seen from a significant distance. Using either LED or neon lights, front-lit signs can be as bright as you like and are sure to command attention. Often used by companies, on exterior signs, building signs, pylon signs, and strip mall signage, you can rely on front face lighting to keep your signs bright and bold.

To maximize the effect of neon lighting, you could even choose to have open face channel lettering. This leaves the front face of your custom letters open and ensures that the neon lighting within is well-exposed. Giving increased brightness and visibility, this open is perfect for companies and businesses that want to be seen from afar.

Halo lit lettering is another great option for your custom signage, as it offers increased visibility and a range of effects. Typically, halo-lit signs are lit from behind. The dimensional lettering is set slightly away from the wall, whilst the lighting behind it creates a halo effect around it. Sometimes referred to as reverse-lit channel signs, halo lighting options enhance the 3D effect of your signage and ensure it really pops. With neon or LED lighting, you can customize halo-lit signs to suit your business and corporate identity. Effortlessly stylish, they’re perfect for all types of businesses and work well on office signs and monument signs too.

With so many lighting options to enhance your custom letter signs, it can be hard to choose just one. Indeed, the wide range of effects, from deep lighting to shallow lit signs, means it can be tricky to decide on the perfect option for your business. However, you don’t have to rely on just one type of lighting when you use custom letter signs. Instead, you can combine lighting options to ensure you create the perfect, look for your firm.

How long will custom letter signs last?

As well as being highly flexible and versatile, custom letter signs are very durable. Often created from aluminum, they don’t rust when exposed to poor weather conditions and they won’t be tarnished by the sun either. As aluminum is fire-resistant, these signs fit within the vast majority of safety regulations and can be used in both exterior and interior signs. Requiring minimal maintenance and easy to install, custom letter signs are highly cost-effective and budget-friendly.

Of course, there are a range of options when it comes to the material used to create your custom signage. Whilst aluminum is a popular option, custom letter signs can also be fabricated from plastic, wood and other metals. Depending on your needs and branding, a combination of materials can also be used to enhance the impact of your signage.

When it comes to installing your custom letter signs, there are various options to choose from. Mounting custom letters directly on to the external surface of your premises can be extremely effective, but raceways and boxes are popular options too.

For businesses, visibility is one of the keys to success and custom letter signs will ensure your company remains front and center. Designed to enhance your brand, custom letter signs can be used in a variety of locations to help your business stand out and grab people’s attention.