New Business Signs

New Business Signs

Every business needs to have high-quality signage to improve visibility and enhance your reputation. At Sunset Signs, we provide companies with all kinds of excellent new business signs. From shopping center signs to illuminate business signs – and everything in between – we’ve got all of your needs covered.

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We offer an incredible range of options that are delivered by an in-house team of signage experts. All the business and building signs we create are made from scratch on our business premises. We have state-of-the-art technology that lets us provide a higher degree of accuracy and a top-quality finish. No matter what kind of business signs you’re looking for, you’re sure to find them at Sunset Signs.

Exterior Signage

Exterior business SignageBusiness signage begins outside of your business. After all, you need a way for people to know that you exist! These signs have to be big and bold, ensuring that people are drawn to them. With fantastic building signs or storefront signs, you can increase foot traffic on your premises – which can help influence sales.

We boast a plethora of exterior signage options that could be perfect for your business:

Channel Letter Signs

Our channel letter signs provide you with the perfect custom business signs for buildings. We use expert technology that allows us to automate the bending process when designing these signs. As such, you get letters and shapes that are highly accurate – and the whole process is faster as well. In turn, this makes our signs much more affordable for your business.

You have lots of channel letter signs to choose from, including LED channel letters. These signs are well-lit, providing you with signage in the dark. We also have Halo channel letters, reverse-lit channel letters, and backlit channel letters too. Each option adds something different to your company and lets you take advantage of illuminated business signs.

Custom Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are a common type of shopping center sign that you find outside the main premises. Here, they provide customers with details of all the businesses in the shopping center. You need to have an eye-catching pylon sign to ensure that people spot your business from all the others on the pylon. We can design a customized sign that’s perfect for your business and helps to increase your visibility. Pylon signs are also useful in business parks, and other areas where lots of companies share the same location.

Monument Signs

Monument signs give you an alternative exterior signage option. Here, your signs are placed on different “monuments” outside of your premises. Commonly, this includes things like large plaques, walls, or customized structures. They add a touch of class to your business and are extremely eye-catching. We can create and install your monument sign, using an array of materials to offer the highest quality finish.

Storefront Signs

Having a storefront sign is essential. You have to give your store a sense of brand identity, and you need to lure people inside. Our channel letter signs are commonly used on the face of your store. However, we also offer blade signs for storefronts to give you some extra signage.

Blade signs stick out from your store and can be seen by people walking on the street. This is beneficial as it ensures you grab the attention of nearby foot traffic. General storefront signs are only seen from face-on, so you need to complement them with this addition!

Interior Signage

Interior SignageDon’t make the mistake of letting your signage stop outside your business. We also fabricate a range of interior signs that are perfect for inside your premises as well. Here, your signs are used to enhance your brand identity and complement your displays. A well-placed sign can be all it takes to attract the attention of someone inside your store, luring them to a product that they decide to purchase.

What interior signage options are available? Primarily, we have two choices:

Dimensional Signs

Dimensional lettering is available in a host of different materials – plastic, metal, or even high-density foam. We install these signs on your walls, and they are custom-made to suit your business premises. They give your office or store a more professional look, solidifying your brand image and boosting your reputation.

Illuminated Business Signs

Interior signage needs to stand out and make people take notice. So, we can help you gain more attention by utilizing our illuminated business signs. As a licensed C45 electrical sign contractor, we have the tools to allow us to manufacture and install illuminated signs in all shapes and sizes. These are the perfect addition to your store as you look to light up displays and direct customers to certain products. They can also be used as storefront signs if your business is inside a shopping center.

Custom Design Sign Fabrication and Installation

All of our new business signs are entirely custom-made for each client. We start everything from scratch; it’s all down to you. Tell us your design requirements, show us any mock-up blueprints, and our team will do the rest. We use both CNC laser cutting and advanced bending techniques that speed up our manufacturing process and eliminate human error. As a result, the finished signs are of a quality you can’t compare to anything else!

We’re capable of manufacturing signs in almost any size required. From massive exterior signage that sits proudly on the front of your large premises, to small and subtle interior signs. We’re UL Listed, which means that our products have been tested and meet all the various safety requirements for business signage.

What’s more, we handle the installation process for you as well. This guarantees that your signs are safely installed and will be perfectly straight. Effectively, we handle everything for you; you don’t have to lift a finger.

Need New Business Signs?

If your business requires some updated or new business signs, then feel free to contact us today. As a company that handles everything in-house, we offer exceptional rates for our service. We have a team with over 100 years of combined experience, meaning they work extremely efficiently. This lowers the production and installation times, allowing us to offer better prices than other companies. So, contact us today, and you can get outstanding business signage without breaking the bank.