Push Through Letter Signs

Push Through Letter Signs

Making your business stand out on a crowded street can be one of your biggest hurdles as the manager or owner. High quality channel letters signage has the ability to set your business apart from the rest, as it portrays your brand name brightly, clearly and uniquely. Sunset Signs have been providing top class push through letter signs for happy clients in Southern California since 1992. Over the years we have grown into one of the most trusted sources for signage in the area, as our knowledge, experience and capabilities shine through in our custom made building signage.

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First Impressions Matter

When a potential customer walks past your store, the only way to grab their attention is a striking and stunning sign. A push through letter sign is one of the only permanent elements of advertising your business possesses, so it needs to be exquisite. When you have a carefully designed and skillfully manufactured sign, you will instantly appeal to your target audience.

Allow Your Brand to Shine Brilliantly

Push Through Letter Signs ServiceIf boosting brand recognition is important to you then a push through letter sign would serve you perfectly. You need to consider how many passers by notice your store on a daily basis, from drivers to commuters. By having a stand out sign at the front of your business location you are sending out your brand message effectively every single day. LED channel letter signs make them the ideal choice for modern businesses as they can be seen at anytime of the day. Your sign will act as a 24 hour marketing campaign, so you want to get it just right from the very beginning!

How Do Push Thru Letter Signs Work?

Our eye catching push through channel letters are created by cutting the outline of letters, logos and shapes from aluminum material. The matching acrylic shapes are then slotted through the gaps in the aluminum which become the front facing section of the sign. The mixture of bright LED lights and vinyl film mean that almost any color can be created. The design possibilities are endless when it comes to push through letter signs, which is every business owner’s dream.

Our Signs Consistently Work Marketing Magic

It is an excellent marketing technique to use push through letter signs on the exterior of your business building, however they can also be used as interior decoration too. These carefully designed LED signs can represent your brand perfectly, if they are done properly.

Your logo and brand name are the key representative elements of your company, so you want them to be instantly recognizable to your target audience. Repeating your logo can be achieved using our push through letter signs, especially in the entranceway or reception area of your establishment. This is guaranteed to make a striking and memorable first impression to all of your potential clients.

More About Our Push Thru Letter Signs

Push Through Exterior Letter SignsPush through letter signs can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; we will be able to bring your vision to life whatever it may be. The can come in the form of channel letter signs, front lit channel letters, reverse lit channel letters, open face channel letters and speciality channel letters. All of these consist of bold and bright LED lighting effects that can extrude from the wall, hang outside or serve as a display within the interior of your store.

Deciding on Your Dazzling Design

Our experts are here to assist you through every stage of the design process. After many years of experience we understand what works and what needs to be left at the backdoor! You might want to think about your brand colors, logos and fonts; you want your sign to be distinguishable from other businesses adjacent to yours. Certain fonts might be difficult to read and specific colors might not show up optimally against certain backgrounds. We will be able to advise you on the dazzling designs that will represent your business in a positive light, so that you can start attracting customers twenty-four hours a day.

Grab Some Innovative Inspiration

If you are looking for some inspiration for your new push through letter sign, check out our channel letter gallery of recent projects. From fast food chains to dental offices, we have a tonne of experience working with an array of brands. When you choose Sunset Signs, you can expect high quality from start to finish. We are trusted by the best of the best and our terrific testimonials speak for themselves!

Sunset Signs Will Always Deliver

If you are interested in purchasing a stunning sign for your business, you can get in touch with us now for a free consultation. Your business won’t be able to thrive and reach its full potential without an aesthetically appealing sign that sells your brand flawlessly. How many local business signs can you picture in your head right now? There are probably a handful of stand out signs that relay in your mind over and over again. This is the goal you want to achieve for your business; your new sign should act as the face of your company. Leave it to the experts to craft and create a sign that exudes every distinctive quality of your brand. Don’t choose a fast and cheap option that won’t last you for the next ten years. Invest in our high quality service and your business will have its chance to shine!

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