Digital Boards

Digital Boards

High quality digital boards are a powerful, valuable and innovative tool for instant presentation of information, advertising and information with unlimited applications. Visualization ideas are inexhaustible as they support simple texts, images, videos and real time web page viewing; which is perfect for your business. We design, fabricate and install all types of business signs and Digital Boards which provide your business with something that is not just eye-catching but highly informative. We have been assisting businesses since 1992 in Southern California.

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With excellent brightness, quality and elegant design based on space saving, easy management, maximize the effectiveness of your messages or public advertising in municipalities and public areas such as airports, ports, museums, etc. It poses as an ideal solution for dynamic content for your business and marketing efforts. With our excellent technology, we create further efficiency with energy and cost savings thanks to the LED options and design options that we offer for reduced energy consumption with an impeccable finish.

Because messages can be switched to predefined times of your choice, the amount of information displayed can be large. Advertising, information, updates, news, announcements, headlines are indicatively a few of the applications that you can use on the screen, depending on your needs, as well as static signs that provide an eye catching image to help your business stand out. We appreciate that every business has a different message to portray, and with business sign design as well as business sign installation, we will ensure that your needs are met, to create the color and style you dreamed of. We will also remove the old signs inclusive of the work. As Southern California’s premier C45 Sign Contractors, here are some of the features we can offer your business:

  • Digital Boards Petroleum SignsDigital Boards
  • Digital menu boards for restaurants
  • Digital Display Signage
  • New Digital Business Signs
  • Building Mounted Digital Signs
  • Digital Business signs
  • Digital Pylon Signs
  • Digital Monument Signs
  • Digital Billboard Signs
  • Interior Business Signs
  • Exterior Business Signs
  • New Gas Station Signage

Touchsmart designs and manufactures digital signage systems come complete with interactive and non-interactive technology which means it is so simple to install and maintain. We offer a great marketing solution for your company which will be enhanced with modern design and excellent quality and technical screens that are suitable for projection and advertising, indoors or outdoors. A very practical solution that brings your company effortlessly into a new decade. The outdoor systems are specially designed to be durable for all weather conditions that will withstand the test of time as well as poor weather conditions often found through the winter months. Digital signage systems come with great ad display software, unique switching effects and a management interface that you can use from anywhere, some of which may require some type of internet connection. An aesthetically pleasing sign is going to help drive your business forwards in ways that you hadn’t thought of before. It’s time to take your business to the next level.

Choose Sunset Signs

We offer quality from start to finish. From the design process to implementation, we offer a service that is impeccable. We want to improve your business and give it the sparkle that it deserves. Let us give your business a new look, by placing one of our many promotional digital screens in key points or in the shop window and stimulate the curiosity of passers-by; we know that we can offer high quality design with attention to detail, that gives all customers the power to change their businesses. Improve their marketing campaigns by highlighting specific information and imagery to boost sales and generate new business with your new business signs. We have a plethora of experience spanning over many years, giving businesses all types of digital boards and signage. We want to encourage potential customers to visit you, learn about you, and increase consumption.

Dependent upon the styles you choose, you can use interactive screens to assist with your campaigns. From touch screens to interactive screens, customers can get further information and delve into your products or services. Our boards are easy to install and we appreciate the importance of time; which is why we strive to implement these signs as quickly as possible. All of our customers speak highly of our services, which you can delve into further on some of our reviews. Our clients vary from a range of different business niches, which means we have a wealth of information relating to business. We have a highly skilled team that can offer opinions and bring your dream to life; regardless of your business niche. Simple or more complex, we can accompany your needs and design something that brings your vision to life. Here are the main reasons that digital boards make a great addition to your business:

  1. Digital Menu Display Makes Communication Easier – This is important if you wish to communicate with a wider audience.
  2. Save Time by Easy to update Digital Display – Our boards are easy to maintain and are simple in every sense.
  3. Sound Investment Saving Money – Our competitive prices prove that we can offer something very special for your business. Investing into digital boards prove vital for growth.
  4. A Memorable Experience – Digital signs stay in the minds of those who see them, which allow a better experience for all.
  5. Better Visibility – Visibility is key for those who are visually impaired and we can cater to your needs to ensure all needs are met.
  6. Support Team – Our team is always available to speak further about your needs and issues, fixing any problems (should they arise), quickly and efficiently.
  7. Boost Sales – Digital Boards can be orchestral in raising sales and bringing in new customs.
  8. Promote and Upsell Your New Items – New items or services or want to catch someone’s attention? Digital boards are the perfect business companion.

We aim to install the most beautiful digital boards for all needs, therefore, whatever your design needs are, we are always happy to discuss how we can assist. Please do not hesitate to contact our team today for further information into how we can assist your business.