Internally Illuminated Monument Sign

Internally Illuminated Monument SignAre you looking for a better way to advertise your business? Internally illuminated monument signs expertly crafted at Sunset Signs could be the kickstart your company needs. A monument sign ensures that your sign is ground-level and easily noticeable from a car or the road. As a result, you can use them to display important information, particularly if your business isn’t in an area with heavy traffic. In addition, a monument sign can easily be read from a distance, particularly when illuminated, meaning you can be advertising to customers driving by at all times of the day and night.

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A bright, eye-catching sign could be the exact thing you need to stand out from your competition, particularly as an illuminated sign means you don’t have to worry about good lighting or any bad weather. You can easily attract potential or returning customers by exhibiting your business or building with a memorable and easily seen sign. With Sunset Signs, you can choose from various designs and functions to install and enjoy a sign that will revitalize your business.

Custom Monument Signs

Custom Monument SignsIf you need a sign company in Los Angeles that can create a monument sign specific to your exacting needs. Sunset Signs can create custom monument signs with your needs in mind, allowing you to choose the design, materials used, and phrasing so you’re in complete control.

Your exterior sign is the first thing your potential customer will see and will therefore evaluate your business through your business signs. Sunset Signs works with you to make sure that all your signage appropriately represents your company, its values, and its branding. No detail is too small to be taken seriously, and our whole team works with you to bring your sign vision to life.

Business Signs

Although you can use an internally illuminated custom monument sign for various endeavors, it’s a major advantage when advertising your business. For example, you could invest in shopping center signs, strip mall signs, or restaurant signs. An illuminated sign can help new customers become aware of your business and remind repeat customers to return.

You could use an illuminated monument sign for advertising near a road to encourage drivers to frequent your business. We only use the highest quality materials to ensure that your sign is long-lasting, and we’ll also handle all your long-term maintenance requirements so you can enjoy your sign for as long as possible. Internally illuminated digital monument signs are particularly useful for a company looking for restaurant signs, as you can attract hungry drivers looking for somewhere to eat and rest.

We are your Orange County sign company if you need to stand out from your competitors, particularly for strip mall signs, where several signs are often placed close together. With Sunset Signs, you can create a vibrant, unique sign – especially if you have an internally illuminated sign that can make your business distinguishable and memorable.

Placement of your sign could also ensure a smooth customer experience by clearly demonstrating where your business is. For example, if you have your own space for car parking at your business, an illuminated sign can helpfully show to customers where to enter. Similarly, if you’re looking for shopping center signs that aren’t for a specific business, you can install a custom monument sign to advertise and represent the whole shopping center.

Architectural Signs

Architectural SignsAn illuminated custom sign can also be used as an architectural sign, focusing less on advertising a business and more on signifying a specific building or neighborhood. A monument sign, particularly one that is lit up, can help anyone unfamiliar with the area easily find their way to the correct building with an easily seen architectural sign.

There are a variety of signs styles to choose from at Sunset Signs, from something flashy and exciting to a softer, sophisticated monument sign. You can pick the architectural sign that best fits your building, from hospitals and nursing homes to apartment blocks and arcades. Either way, having appropriate and eye-catching signage can be stylistic as well as functional.

Why Should You Choose Sunset Signs?

Firstly, you can easily view our exceptional work at our gallery to take inspiration and see first-hand some of the amazing and distinctive signs made at Sunset Signs. From bright, eye catching signs advertising a business to creating elegant and sleek signs publicizing an apartment complex, our range, flexibility, and breadth mean we’re here to help with whatever sign you need.

At Sunset Signs, we prioritize communication, ensuring that you and your vision are kept up-to-date through the design and manufacturing process, allowing you to customize your monument sign to fit your needs. We’re also ready with expert advice if you’re ever feeling unsure, with over 1000 years of combined experience in our professional team.

We pride ourselves on the quality work and materials, using only the highest grade products to ensure that your sign is durable, making your sign well worth the time and money spent. In addition, our manufacturing and design teams have a wealth of experience, skill, and talent to guarantee your design looks amazing.

Working throughout the Los Angeles area, we’re available if you’re searching for a sign company in Riverside County or a sign company in San Bernardino County, as well as Orange County. If you’re looking for a quality sign company based in the Los Angeles area, look no further.

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