Channel Letter Reface

Channel Letter Reface

For a business to be successful, they need to make an impact. The channel letters that you have on your building need to shine with pride, announcing your brand to the world and everyone who passes by. The last thing that you have to deal with is an empty space where your signage should go, so why not consider channel letter refacing today? With the help of Sunset Signs, you could have your channel letter refacing complete in no time at all.

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With the right signage, your company is going to stand out from the crowd and offer customers something to remember. Channel letters offer your business an illuminated 3-Dimensional look that oozes professionalism and excites the senses. You want to give your business a fresh look from time to time, and as channel letters come in all sizes and shapes, you can create a custom channel letter sign that makes sense for you.

Reface Your Existing Channel Letters

If you already have your business name loud and proud on the exterior of your business, but you need a new look, you’re in the right place. At Sunset Signs, we are more than able to reface the channel letters that you have on your building, allowing you to enjoy a brighter, better new look for your business or just fix and repair existing channel letter signs.

Our techniques are the most up to date and cutting edge in the industry. We don’t wait around with our team. We can manage your channel letter signs from start to finish, right through to channel letter installation.

The Benefits Of Channel Letter Signs For Buildings

Let’s be honest: how often have you really thought about the signage of your business? Have you really considered the important focus that is being placed on that sign right now? When it comes down to it, something bold and bright is really going to grab the attention of the customers, and that means that channel lettering is a smart option for your business.

Benefits Of Channel Letter SignsSunset Signs are able to create and complete your channel letter sign installation – all you need to do is learn about the benefits of channel lettering below:

  • It’s Customizable. Channel letter signs are designed to be customized exactly to your needs. Whether it’s phrasing or a logo you need, or you want to use specific fonts, you can create your signs to suit. We can offer different colors and sizes and we can even light it up for you!
  • Weatherproof. There’s a reason that channel lettering is used by large companies on the exterior of their businesses; it lasts. The material used is durable and you won’t have to replace your sign all that often.
  • LED Illumination. With channel letter sign design, you can choose to add LED lights to illuminate the signs and these will last for a long time without needing replacement. This makes for a very cost-effective option for your company.
  • Standing Out. You want to make a statement with your business, and it starts with channel lettering. You want to offer your customers a way to ensure that they cannot miss you, and this is it!

Building & Business Signs By Sunset Signs

Before you order reverse halo lighting effects and design for channel letter signs, you need to ensure that it’s definitely what will work for your building signs. You need to sweat the small details and compare the prices, the types of lettering, the size and colors that you are using. The smallest details really do matter here, and you need to consider your future needs. For example, if you plan to change your business name or rebrand in the next twelve months, consider the investment that you are making.

With Sunset Signs, we’re proud to be able to combine our excellent style and our professionalism to create illuminated business signs that will display your brand to the world with poise and class. You want an attractive and durable choice that will enable you to show your audience that you have vision. A good sign exudes confidence, so why not choose Sunset Signs today?

Choose Sunset Signs?

Channel Letter Reface SignsWe are all about ensuring that you have the channel letter signs that you need for your business. Whether you want exterior or interior signage, we offer a range of signs that will make sense for your needs. The right impression really does matter for your business, and you need high quality and attention to detail, which is why choosing us is the best thing that you could do for the signage you have in mind. Choosing to invest in your channel letter reface with Sunset Signs is going to ensure that you get the manufactured, well-designed and personalized signs you need. Our dedicated service is designed to ensure that you have the utmost care and attention taken with your brief.

We have been providing our customers with excellent quality signage for over 15 years in Southern California. We’re not just about channel letter refacing, but all types of interior and exterior signage to suit your business. We want to help you to reflect the professional image that you are aiming to embody when you come to us. Our signs are going to offer you a huge scope for something to offer your customers; an image, professionalism and individuality. With our help, you’ll have custom-designed and beautifully crafted channel letter signs for buildings that belong to your business.

With over 10,000 happy customers, you will be able to trust that we know what we’re talking about when it comes to channel letter refacing and other signs your business may need.

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