Custom Outdoor Business Signs

Custom Outdoor Business Signs

Never underestimate the importance of custom outdoor business signs. They’re a key element when it comes to building brand awareness for your company. Imagine a business that didn’t make good use of outdoor signs. How would anyone know your business existed? Hundreds of people could walk past your premises every day, without having a clue you’re within a few feet of them. Business signs, in general, are a pivotal part of your branding strategy.

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Benefit with Custom Outdoor Business Signs

Outdoor Business SignsIt’s all well and good saying that custom outdoor business signs are essential for your organization, but how will they benefit your company? Some of these ways are fairly common sense, such as increasing your visibility. With a bold and clear outdoor sign, people will recognize your business whenever they pass by it. This instantly makes you more visible to consumers and introduces them to your products and services.

Furthermore, signs help create a good first impression. Let’s say you have a nice, professionally designed, sign on the outside of your premises. It’s crisp and clean, giving a real professional look to outsiders. Now, imagine you have an old sign that’s damaged and rusty. Which business gives off the best first impression here? A good sign makes a substantial difference, and we all know that first impressions mean a lot in business. All it takes is a good sign to catch someone’s eye.

As a consequence, you can argue that outdoor business signs have an effect on your bottom line. Think about how many people drive by your premises every day. What are the odds they’ll stop if you haven’t got a good sign? Like we mentioned earlier, signs make you more visible. Plus, good signs make your business look more appealing and trustworthy, which encourages people to visit. By luring more customers to your business, you can increase sales, and improve your bottom line. To put it simply; a good outdoor business sign is an investment you should always consider.

What are the different types of Outdoor business Signs?

Don’t assume that all outdoor signs are the same. Here at Sunset Signs, we’ve been providing businesses with a plethora of different signage options for over 25 years. Many of our clients choose one type of sign for their premises, while others find more success by combining multiple signage types including pole signs.

Here are some of the outdoor signs you can choose from:

Channel Letters: When you think about signs outside of a business location, this is the most typical type out there. Channel letters are very big signs, which display large lettering on the front of your business premises. They can be illuminated and colored in different ways, ensuring you customize the sign to suit your brand. You’ll most likely see these signs right on the face of your premises, normally on the front wall above the entrance. The beauty of this signage type is that you can also add your logo to it, along with your company name. It’s the perfect way to almost brand your premises for all to see.

Illuminated Signs: These signs are similar to the above option in that you can just have lettering used outside your business. The main difference is that they’re illuminated differently, mainly from behind the signage itself. This creates a different effect which can draw attention during the night time.

Outdoor Signs made to order

Monument Signs: With a monument sign you have something that sits separately on your business premises. They’re commonly found in parking lots or outside your business. Typically, these signs are mounted onto stone or brick materials, making them look like a monument of sorts (hence the name). These are very popular for office-based businesses that maybe can’t make use of channel letters. They can be used to display your brand name and logo, while also offering room for contact details too.

Pylon Signs: An exceptional way of ensuring your business gets noticed by as many people as possible. Very popular amongst roadside retail businesses that see a lot of traffic zooming by every day. With a pylon sign, you get to show off your logo from up high. This means you could be spotted from a long distance, giving people time to notice your logo and pull in when they get near.

Acrylic Foam Signs: Traditionally, you use this type of sign to show your business address. Numbers and letters can be made as small as you want, and are attached to the side of your building.

As already mentioned, some companies may use one type of sign, while others make use of multiple different ones. Most retail companies will use channel letter signs, and can also add in monument or pylon signs to grab more attention. Office-based businesses tend to use channel letter, monument or pylon signs, along with acrylic to show their address.

Customize Your Outdoor Business Signs

illuminated Outdoor business SignsRegardless of which option you want, you are in full control of how it looks. At Sunset Signs, we can help you design an amazing sign, and then manufacture and install it for you as well. While you have the final say on everything, we’ll gladly give advice here and there. After all, our team are full of signage experts, and we can tell you the best place to put your sign, or what type of sign suits your premises.

Our service extends beyond simply designing, manufacturing, and installing outdoor business signs. We also conduct a survey of your premises to see if you’re permitted to have certain types of signs. For example, some companies may not be allowed to have illuminated signs as they’re based in a rural area and the light pollution can annoy local households.

Get in touch with our team today. We’ll talk you through everything, and you’ll soon be on your way to better outdoor signage, and a more successful business.

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