Standard manufacturing lead time is based after all approvals It is subject to change based on work flow at time of submittal to production.  Due to recent supply chain issues, lead times are not guaranteed and may be extended without notice.
Installations are scheduled upon completion of production/manufacturing.  We will attempts to accommodate pre-scheduling installation dates, but cannot guarantee availability.
All pickup or shipping projects are FOB Sunset Signs Anaheim, CA.  All part(s) and sign(s) become the responsibility of the client once they leave our facility.
Confirmed installations, which are cancelled in less than 24 hours from the day scheduled for installation, will incur a $250 minimum fee.  Please see your proposal/contract for details.
We make every effort to paint existing walls in the highest quality possible.  Paint color(s) will be matched to current wall as close as possible but may vary and are not guaranteed to match.
QAA inspections excluded unless otherwise noted.
Encroachment permit, sidewalk closure, and/or traffic control excluded unless otherwise noted.
Sunset Signs retains ownership of sign(s) until contract is fulfilled and balances are paid.

Orders cancellations must be requested in writing within 72 hours.
All cancellations are subject to management approval. 
Orders may not be cancelled once the shop drawings and/or drawings are approved.  
To cancel your order please email  All cancellations are subject to management approval.

Sunset Signs reserves the right to cancel any project in whole or in part for any reason at any time, including but not limied to market volatility.
Projects that do not have a deposit on file within 30 days of approval may be cancelled and repriced by Sunset Signs due to market changes outside the control of Sunset Signs.

Sunset Signs cannot submit to the city without approval from the client and/or landlord.
Any delays to approvals or revisions may delay the process of submission.
Actual city turn-around times vary by city.  Turn around times are out of Sunset Signs control.
Permits will be invoiced for actual amounts at the time they are paid by Sunset Signs.  A credit card guarantee or blank check must be on file to pay for permits.

Sunset Signs provides a 1-year limited warranty on all products sold and installed.  The warranty covers defects in Sunset Signs’ workmanship and defects in sign product(s) solely fabricated by Sunset Signs.  Warranty for defects in Sunset Signs’ workmanship will include labor.
Any components used in produced signs, such as vinyl, LED’s, power supplies, etc, are not covered by Sunset Signs’ warranty, and are subject to the warranty of the manufacturer.  All manufacturer warranty(s) will be passed on to the end user and/or client.  The standard warranty covers you for a1-year from the date of the initial installation or product pickup from Sunset Signs. Labor is not included in service under manufacturer’s warranty unless expressly provided by manufacturer.
Warranty shall be come void if any portion of the project billing is past due and unpaid.
Warranty will be come void if any portion of the sign is opened, worked on, added to, or repaired, by any other company other than Sunset Signs without express written approval from Sunset Signs.