Facade Signs

Facade Signs

First impressions count for everything in business, especially when a prospective client interacts with your store. In most cases, the principal front of a building will be the first thing that any visitor sees, and they will immediately start to judge your company based on the look of your building. While there are several contributing factors to consider, Facade signs are the most significant feature by far.

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With over 25 years of experience of helping companies throughout South California, Sunset Signs can design, manufacture, and install high-quality facade signage that’s sure to impress customers old and new.

High-Quality Facade Signage

The competition for customers is unquestionably fiercer than ever. Quality storefront signs grab the attention in a meaningful manner that’s sure to help your business master the first challenge of actively getting people into the store.

Here are just some of the reasons that high-quality building signs will bring more clients through the door:

Facade Storefront Sign Service

  • Standout facade signage will grab the attention of passersby at street level, both pedestrians and motorists, to ensure that foot traffic levels reach new heights.
  • LED lit channel letter signs are designed to provide a 24/7 appeal, and will be particularly noticeable during the evenings.
  • High-quality custom business signs underline a level of professionalism and success. When customers trust your business, they’ll be more likely to visit.
  • The photos of the storefront that appear on your website and Google Maps through your Google My Business listing will impress users conducting local searches.
  • Establish the brand identity, which can be particularly useful when your company boasts stores in several locations.
  • Unique signs and custom made channel letters can intrigue customers, which encourages them to step inside just to find out more.

Quality facade signs also help direct the branding and marketing strategies of the entire business, including online elements. Frankly, it will become one of the most important marketing tools in your arsenal.

Custom Storefront Facade Sign

Facade signs and custom LED channel letters signal a significant investment for your business. Therefore, it’s imperative that you take the necessary steps to ensure that you gain a product that’s sure to create those desired reaction time and time again. After all, this could be the first step towards more sales. Besides, if you don’t make the most of this opportunity to thrive, you can be sure that your competitors will.

Before rushing into the decision, then, you need to know exactly what to look for in a sign. These are the key items to consider for your facade signage.

Facade Storefront Signs

  • Physical dimensions as going too small will stop your business from making the right impression while going too big for the building can result in lost appeal too.
  • Color schemes. They should stand out to attract people at street level. For the best results, they need to make the right impression during the day and at night when the LED lights are working.
  • Durability against various weather conditions, particularly the South California heat and winds. Otherwise, you will gain the long-term rewards that you desire.
  • Stand out design elements. A flat design isn’t going to win clients over. Go the extra mile with a custom store sign with LED channel lighting, and the results will be far greater.
  • Materials used during production. These elements will influence everything from the appearance to the costs. Only the best will do for your business.
  • Turnaround times. You naturally want your business to start seeing the benefits right away. Waiting months for an unprofessional sign will leave you very frustrated.

Essentially, every business will have their unique requirements regarding the specific design features. However, the core principles regarding quality standards are fairly standardized across all industries. Whether it’s a facade sign or any other type of sign, it’s imperative that the product is built to get results.

Choose Sunset Signs

Appreciating the need for facade signage along with what to look for in custom business signs, there is one other key decision: finding the right team of experts to take care of the project. Sunset Signs has the perfect solution for your business needs.

Apart from the obvious answer that we pride ourselves on creating unique designs from premium materials, there are many reasons to choose Sunset Signs for your storefront signs. Here are some of the best:

Facade Sign Service

  • A service you can trust. We boast over 25 years of industry experience, providing custom LED signage for major clients like Taco Bell, Fix Auto, Domino’s Pizza, and SportClips Haircuts.
  • We can provide a comprehensive service that covers every aspect of design, manufacturing, and installation.
  • We use LED lighting to bring signs to life and are a C45 electrical sign contractor licensed and insured to complete all works.
  • We provide a professional service built upon communication, transparency, and fast deliverance. We can also install signs out of hours to prevent you from losing business.
  • Our experts are happy to provide their advice on the best options for your business and equally happy to bring your vision to life.
  • In addition to incredible quality, our facade signs offer incredible value for money as we take care of every element in-house.

Furthermore, we produce a full range of signs to help your business build a far stronger and consistent overall presence. Our signs include; channel letter signs; monument signs; pole signs; pylon signs; box signs; cabinet signs; acrylic signs; dimensional signs; building signs; business signs; outdoor signs; and indoor signs.

Illuminated Facade Signs

The front of your store is one of the most important areas of the entire business, not least in terms of establishing strong customer relations at the earliest possible stage. Illuminated Facade Signs are the perfect way to achieve the desired results for many years to come night and day.

With over 25 years of experience, our friendly technicians can guide you through every step of the process before installing quality store signs in a fast, affordable fashion. Take your store’s appeal to new levels by calling our experts today!