Swing Stage Sign Installation

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Every business that wants to make a name for itself needs quality signage. In competitive, crowded cities in Southern California, it’s essential to stand out with custom building signs. But building signs come in all shapes and sizes, so the sign installation process can be different given particular projects. As a sign company serving Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County, there comes a robust knowledge of what types of installations (and therefore what types of signs) can best help your business make the biggest splash it can!

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Building Sign Installation

swing stage sign installations-buildingMost people have an image of a crane for sign installation carefully hoisting letters and logos onto the side of skyscrapers, but a lot of times, a crane isn’t enough. In those cases, Swing Stage Sign installation is used. Our specialists will raise themselves onto the side of the structure to carefully install the sign for the particular business. Depending on the size, type, need, and structural-style the swing stage allows the install crew to more precisely get the sign on the side of the building exactly like you want it and to code.

So when you’re planning to put up a building sign, there are a few factors you’ll want to keep in mind. The first is the neighborhood you’re in. Don’t put up a sign that’s too big or large for the neighborhood. This can overwhelm the look of the area, and it can also be ineffective. If people can’t walk by your sign, they might miss it. But Sunset Signs have the experience to work with your business to assess the neighborhood and community—both for legal and commercial restraints. That way your business can be a working partner within your community, not one that feels invasive, even while you’re catching the attention of potential customers.

Building Sign Design

Custom business signs can take a wide variety of stylistic forms, influenced by the design plans of each customer and the marketing needs of the location. From the biggest skyscraper-adorning logos to the Channel Letter Signs on strip malls and offices, deciding which type of signage is an important part of the process. But before you get started on location, Sunset Signs can provide design services to work with your vision or existing designs to make the sign best match your needs and dreams. A sign is a symbolic beacon for your business, and people will come to associate it with your service. Whether a restaurant, consultancy firm, tech startup, or anything in between, the signage that faces the street or the freeway will be most people’s first point of contact with your company.

So consider the different styles of sign design. Do you want a sign with big letters? Do you want a large logo? Do you want something simple? Something intricate? These questions will guide the Los Angeles building signs fabrication process as the team takes you through each step from concept to installation. They will also lead you to Sunset Signs’ full suite of architectural design services where another team of professionals will work with you to build the most creative display setup possible for your business. All together, the theoretical and practical design considerations will give you an optimal way to promote your business 24/7.

When you’re designing your sign, there are a few general rules to follow. First, keep it simple. You want your sign to be easily visible, so avoid excessive design elements that are hard to see. Second, keep it brief. Your sign isn’t a billboard, so you don’t have a lot of space to get your message across. Lastly, keep it clean. Your sign is a visual representation of your brand. All of these can be found with Channel letters for buildings, which Sunset Signs offers as part of its swing state installation process.

Building Mounted Signs

swing stage sign installationsWhen you’re looking to create a lasting impression on your community, there are few signs that do it better than a building mounted sign. With their ability to stand the test of time, building signs are a great way to boost your business’s profile and make a lasting impact. The initial installation and building process shouldn’t come as a concern; instead it’s an exciting moment to establish your business’s image, and therefore its legacy.

While there are many options available for building signs, it’s crucial to choose a sign company with experience installing large signs. With years of experience, Sunset Signs can help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing the right sign, the right design, and the right way to ensure it gets installed properly.

Southern California

Knowing a community is an important part of selecting the right sign. Obvious concerns like cultural touchstones and identifiable images are an important place to start, but knowing everything down to the traffic patterns around your business should influence your signage choice. Fortunately, Sunset Signs has years of experience in the Southern California area, across Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties, meaning it will be easy to situate your business into the broader business landscape. But not just situate! It means you’ll get the exact attention you need to stand out from competitors and get attention in any environment.

Swing stage installation methods allow for ambitious sign projects to be installed safely and precisely on buildings. For business in Southern California, Sunset Signs offers the most competent and qualified teams to guide you through every step of the signage process. From concept, to design, to fabrication, it can come easily when the team has a firm knowledge of your business and the community it’s located in. It can be an extremely exciting moment to take your business to the next level—be it getting it off the ground and into the minds of consumers, or onto the level of competition. Either way, Sunset Signs has all your needs completely covered.