Acrylic Signage

Acrylic Signage

Signage for your business helps to make it look smart and professional, while often working on a practical level too. You can enhance your brand from your lobby to your offices, as well as hang useful signage that tells people where to go or just lets everyone know that your business is there. When you’re looking for signage for your business, there are various types and materials you’re likely to come across. Acrylic signage is one of the top choices if you are looking for a high-end look and durable signs that will last a long time. Our custom sign making service will ensure that you get the unique acrylic signs you need to make your business pop.

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Advantages of Acrylic Signage

There are lots of different signage options, so you might feel unclear about which ones are the best choice for your business. Acrylic signs can offer you some fantastic benefits over other materials, making them an excellent selection for all your business signage needs. Let’s take a look at some of the best things acrylic signs can offer you over other possibilities.

Outdoor Acrylic Sign

Lightweight Business Signs

Using acrylic as a material for signs makes them incredibly lightweight. This gives them an advantage over some other signage because they are easy to put into place, especially if you want to hang them from a wall, ceiling or roof. You can also easily move them around if you want to change the layout of a room, move your business to a new location, or perhaps have signs you can carry to different events. The lightweight nature of acrylic signs makes them cheaper to transport too, and it means they pose less of a hazard if they were to accidentally fall or get knocked over.

Shatter Resistant Business Signs

Durable designs for your signage helps you to save money, and ensures that the signs you have are safe too. Our acrylic signs are shatter resistant, so they won’t break into a thousand tiny pieces if anything were to damage them. This is crucial for outdoor signs, in particular, where there is a greater danger of something hitting a sign or of it falling. Our signs are built to last, so that you can be sure you will have beautiful signs to hold onto for years to come.

No Fading Paint

No Fading Acrylic SignsAnother property that makes our acrylic signs so durable is that there is no fading paint to contend with. We use industry standard paints from Matthews Paint insuring the correct color matching and longevity of your business sign. The acrylic material will give you beautiful, vibrant colors for a long time to come. With painted signs, you have to worry about repainting or even completely replacing your signage periodically, whereas that isn’t a concern with smart acrylic signs.

Dimensional Business Signs

Of course, you want your dimensional business signs to look incredible. Acrylic signage offers high-quality, dimensional options to ensure your business looks as professional as possible. And because the material is so durable, it stays looking that way for longer too, with no need to update your signs.

Completely Customizable Signage

With our acrylic sign service, your acrylic signage is completely customizable. Whatever design you’re looking for, we can create it for you. All of our signs are 100% custom and made from scratch, so you won’t be getting any cookie-cutter products from us. Whether you are a large, recognizable chain of businesses or an independent company, we will create your name, logo or other design with our quality acrylic material.

Great Uses for Acrylic Signage

Acrylic signage can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your business, both inside and out. It’s an easy way to add extra character to your property and to enhance your brand with a boost to your image. If you’re wondering whether acrylic signs are suitable for your business, start by taking a look at some of our suggestions for the perfect ways to use acrylic signs.

Exterior Building Signs

Exterior Acrylic business signsMany of our customers buy acrylic signs to use outside of their business. You need to let your customers know where you are, as well as capture people who might just be walking or driving past. What better way to do that than to use a sign that will get people’s attention? Make an incredible first impression with an exterior acrylic sign, and broadcast your brand for all to see.

Directional Signage

Sometimes you need to show people where to go, both indoors and outdoors. If you need to label the different rooms in your office or tell guests where to go to get to their hotel room, acrylic signs are ideal. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose the perfect designs for clear and practical signs that also look incredible.

Lobby Signs

After the exterior of your building, the lobby or reception area of your business is often the first place any visitors will see. Signs confirm for them that they’re in the right place and also help to enhance your brand image, making a good impression on visitors right away. You might choose to have a sign to hang behind your reception area, as well as directional signs, telling people where they need to go.

Lobby Signs

Office Signs

In your office, you could have signs advertising your brand with your name or logo. Practical signs that help people know where to find the rooms they’re looking for are important too. Label your conference room or the staff break room to make sure neither your employees or visitors ever get lost.

Combine Acrylic Signs with Other Services

Our acrylic sign service can easily be combined with several of our other indoor and outdoor business sign services, including foam with acrylic face, to build on your brand even more. Enhance your business interiors with custom wall wraps. These are a fantastic way to add more branding to your business space by customizing different spaces, from conference rooms to corridors. Channel letters are an excellent choice for signs too, and can be illuminated from the inside for an even greater impact. We also offer monument signage, which is great for placing an attractive sign at eye-level, particularly when the front of your business doesn’t directly face the road or sidewalk.

Acrylic signage is the perfect choice if you want to improve the branding on your business premises. Enhance your store, office or even hotel will unique signs that are durable and attractive.

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