Architectural Signage

Architectural Signage

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Architectural signs help people to find their way to or around buildings, particularly within a business, campus or facility. They’re essential to use as part of your signage strategy if you want to create an environment that’s easy to navigate and is welcoming to visitors and to people who are there regularly. However, there’s much more to signage than simply telling people where to go. Custom architectural signs also help to enhance your brand, improving the image of your premises and creating a memorable environment. When your signs are individually designed and made, you can ensure that they are eye-catching, informative and perfect for your brand and their location.

Exterior Architectural Signs

Putting up exterior business signs is one of the ways you are likely to make a first impression on anyone who visits you or even walks or drives past your building. They can help people to find you from far away or up close, and they can show people how to get around your campus or premises. Outdoor signs can include a number of different types and designs, intended for various locations and purposes.

Monument Signs

monument signOur monument signs are an excellent choice if you’re looking for signage that clearly marks your building’s location. They’re perfect to create an indicator for your brand and building that can be spotted at street-level, particularly for pedestrians or people driving past. As well as marking the location of a whole campus, neighborhood or complex, they are also useful for indicating the location of specific buildings within these areas and even holding maps, noticeboards and other useful items for providing directions and information.

Pylon Signs

If you’re looking for something that can be seen from far away, our pylon signs are an excellent option. These signs are particularly good for helping your brand to stand out and bringing in people from further away, whether they are already looking for you or not. Pylon signs are excellent for shopping malls, college campuses, and any other location where you might want to display signs for multiple buildings or businesses at the same time.

Channel Letters

Channel LettersChannel letters give you a fantastic, attractive 3D solution for your signage needs. If you’re looking for something that really stands out, these custom outdoor signs will make sure that your business doesn’t go unnoticed. These building signs are perfect for hanging above your storefront or perhaps on the side of your building if the entrance can’t be seen so easily from the road or sidewalk. Channel letter signs can even be lit up so that your building is still visible in the dark.

Pole Signs

Pole signs are another excellent exterior option. Our pole signs can help to advertise your business or organization from up close or far away, with different heights available. They’re great if you’re looking for a little more projection and to ensure that your sign isn’t too close to the ground. If you’re looking for architectural business signs, a pole sign could work for you.

Interior Signs

Interior SignsIndoor signs, which include dimensional signs and illuminated signs, are also a great idea if you want to make sure that people can find their way around your building, campus or facility. They can point the way to certain rooms or spaces, or even direct people to other buildings. They’re also excellent for enhancing your brand throughout your premises.

Lobby Signs

The lobby could be the first place that many of your visitors see, so having impressive signage is essential. Lobby signs can help with your branding, perhaps when placed over a reception area or waiting area. Dimensional signs are a fantastic choice for using indoors, with a choice of materials and styles available. You might also be interested in illuminated signs for your interiors if you want to add some color and light.

Campus Signage for Education, Business and More

Architectural signage is particularly useful when you have a number of buildings or units that you need to provide directions and signposting for. If you need signage for a school, college or business campus, or for any kind of large facility, architectural signs offer you a practical solution that also looks good. Custom signs from Sunset Signs ensure you create the right look and provide essential information.

Storefront Signs

Business SignsAttract people to your retail space with storefront signs that advertise your brand. Sunset Signs makes signs from metal, wood, acrylic signs, and more.

Lighted Signs

Illuminated signs add another dynamic later to any sign that you want to hang or display. LED signs are bright and attractive, and they’re environmentally friendly, helping to keep your energy bills lower. Lighted signs are amazing if you want signage that will look just as good, if not better, once the sun goes down. They’re also a great choice for your interior spaces, as well as the exterior of your building. Choose illuminated signs if you’re looking to add something extra to any of your interior or exterior signage.

Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs offer another option for your exterior signage. These signs are any large signs that can be illuminated, usually in a 3D box shape or format. They give you the option of illumination on either one side or both sides, depending on how bright and intense you want the illumination to be.

Custom Signage by Sunset Signs

Sunset Signs has years of experience designing, manufacturing and installing architectural signage. We will do everything for you to make sure that your interior and exterior signs are both doing their job properly. Whether you want us to make you a custom outdoor sign or you want to improve your business interiors with illuminated signs, Sunset Signs can help you to make your premises smarter and more attractive. Architectural signage gives you a practical way to provide directions and helps you to advertise and enhance your brand so that you are able to reach more people.

Get in touch with Sunset signs if you are looking for custom architectural signage that will boost your business image. With so many options available, you can get signs that work for you.

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