Building Mounted Signs

Building Mounted Signs

Building mounted signs are often the first part of your business that customers see. It’s vital, therefore, that they look incredible. Here at Sunset Signs, we specialize in manufacturing and installing high-quality building signs. With us, you can get a sign that represents your business just the way you want.

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Building signs are one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal for creating a lasting impression with customers, especially if you rely on passing custom. Our storefront signs help to capture the imagination of your customers while delivering key brand messages. With our attention to detail and advanced manufacturing facilities, you won’t be disappointed.

What Are Building Mounted Signs?

Most companies need exterior signage to indicate to their clients, customers, and colleagues their location. Custom business signs for buildings are an ideal way to display who you are, what you sell, and even the ideals for which you stand.

Building mounted signs come in two general types: illuminated business signs and new business signs that don’t light up. The kind of sign that you choose depends primarily on your business and location. Retailers and customer-facing stores generally prefer backlit channel letters, while offices and B2B companies might want to opt for a non-illuminated alternative.

Why Use Building Mounted Signs?

Building Mounted Sign InstallsThe modern business landscape is fiercely competitive. Companies need to do everything that they can to attract customers and build their client base.

Building mounted signs are the perfect tool to do this. All other things equal, people are likely to be more attracted to a company with a clear and compelling sign than they are to one that doesn’t have one.

Often the best place to put the sign on the building itself. This placement makes it clear what the sign refers to and what customers and clients can expect if they step inside.

The modern retail environment is primetime for building signs. Retailers operating on Mainstreet and retail estates need effective signage that differentiates them from other outlets and provides a competitive advantage.

At Sunset Signs, that’s our mission. We work closely with you to find solutions to your signage problems that will help you to attract more customers in any setting. Our powerful state-of-the-art machinery enables you to create quality signs that speak to the nature of your business.

Choose Sunset Signs For Building Signs

Three factors make Sunset Signs better than anybody else for building mounted signs: customer service, competitive pricing, and superior quality. Here are just some of the reasons why you’ll want to choose us for your exterior signage.

We Assign You A Project Manager

Building Mounted Sign ServiceOrganizing channel letter signs, shopping center signs, and custom business signs for buildings can be administratively complex process. Often, you don’t have the internal resources you require to carry out the project.

At Sunset Signs, we provide you with a project manager who deals with every aspect of your signage project, including design, manufacturing, and installation. Your project manager is there to answer any questions you might have and ensure that all parts of the process come together.

Competitive Prices

All signage companies claim to offer competitive pricing, but at Sunset Signs, it’s something that we’ve baked into our core operation. The reason our prices are so reasonable is that our engineers have more than one hundred years of combined experience, making us incredibly efficient, resulting in lower costs that we can pass on to you. Our message is clear: custom design sign fabrication and installation of building mounted signs doesn’t have to be costly. You CAN get affordable solutions that will impress your customers and showcase your business at its best.

Superior Quality

The quality of your sign matters. You want something that creates a powerful first impression and encourages people to explore your business further. Sunset Signs’ mission is to create signs of superior quality. We operate an enormous 11,000 square foot facility, and everything that we make is 100 percent American.

What’s more, we use state-of-the-art equipment. The reason we’re so good at making reverse lit channel letters is because of our Accu-Bend bending system, a machine that provides incredibly accurately molding for any shape that you might want to create. The tool automates the bending process, eliminates human errors, and makes sure that every letter is perfect.

UL Listed

Sunset Signs UL listed and a licensed C45 electrical sign contractor. This certification means that we can produce a variety of different illuminated building mounted signs, including halo channel letters, LED channel letters, custom logos, and customized lettering.

Building Mounted Sign Options

Building Mounted Signs InstallationAt Sunset Signs, we provide you with options to showcase your business at its very best. We can manufacture signs using a range of materials and provide various lighting options.

Front-Lit Signs

Front-lit signs are illuminated from the front by lighting elsewhere in the environment. These building signs tend to be popular among many of the most popular retail stores in the country.

Halo-Lit Signs

Halo-lit signs are illuminated from the back. This lighting technology provides a soft, gentle glow to attract customers to your business by shining LEDs rearward towards the wall.

Front and Back-Lit

Front and back-lit signs combine the benefits of both, illuminating your building signage from both sides. Retail and food outlets that operate at night often choose this signage lighting method.

Open Face

Open face building mounted signs use neon lights to create a visually appealing effect.

Building mounted signs are pivotal for the success of your business. You want signage that will capture your customers’ imagination and encourage them to visit your premises and use your services. While signage is vital in the retail, food, and hospitality sectors, it’s also critical for office-based businesses and those who provide professional services.

With Sunset Signs, you can get a building mounted sign that complements your business. With us by your side, creating impressive custom signs has never been easier. If you’d like to create a better first impression with your clients and customers, then contact us today on (714) 255-9104 to find out more about our building signage options.