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As a business owner, you must promote and brand your company as well as can be. Otherwise, how else will you find new customers and increase sales? One of the best ways to improve branding is by investing in signage. With custom-made signs, your business can become more visible, and see a whole host of benefits.

At Sunset Signs, we design and manufacture a whole array of great business signage options. One of the most popular and effective types we offer is called cabinet signage. It’s incredibly versatile and can be used on either the interior/exterior of your business premises.

What Is Cabinet Signage?

Double Sided Cabinet SignageCabinet signage basically refers to any large signs that can be illuminated if you wish. Traditionally, these signs come in a ‘box’ format or shape. This is essentially where it gets its name from, as the appearance is similar to that of a cabinet. Channel letters are another option, each letter functions as a stand alone sign that lights up and attracts attention. Sunset Signs has no limitations and we can fabricate a sign in any shape or design.

Having said that, we possess the ability to manufacture pylon cabinet signage in various shapes or designs. We create custom light boxes to ensure that every business can have a cabinet sign that suits their ideas.

There are three main types of cabinet signage to choose from. The first is non-illuminated, which basically means you get a custom sign that doesn’t light up in any way. While the main appeal of cabinet signage is the fact it can be illuminated, some businesses still find a use for this option. By far and away the two most common options are single/double-sided cabinet signs.

What is the difference between these two?

Single-Sided: With this option, your cabinet signage is only illuminated on one side. Typically, the rear side is illuminated, giving a cool effect of light showing from behind the sign.

Double-Sided: On the contrary, double-sided cabinet signage is illuminated on both sides. This means both the front and back light up, creating a brighter, more intense look.

What Are The Benefits Of Cabinet Signage?

One of the key benefits of custom outdoor business signage is that it allows your business to expose itself more effectively. Most of our customers choose to design custom cabinet signage that’s illuminated, helping to light up their premises in the night time. You’ll most likely see this type of signage outside businesses that are situated on the side of a highway, such as a rest stop or gas station. But, they’re also a popular choice for bars, retail stores, and restaurants in urban areas. By having a sign like this, you can draw more attention from passers-by, greatly increasing your chances of bringing in customers.

Illuminated Cabinet Signage

As well as this, cabinet signage is excellent as it can be mounted on almost anything. Plenty of our customers choose to mount them directly to the front of their business premises. They work with us to design a custom sign that acts as the focal point of their storefront or office. However, you can also mount them onto monuments, poles, or even pylons. Each option provides a different effect, which is why cabinet signage is so popular.

Cabinet signage can add something extra to your premises, elevating it to new levels. It provides your business with a professional sign that gives off a great first impression to passing consumers. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference this type of signage makes to your overall business reputation.

How Can You Use Cabinet Signage?

Pylon Cabinet SignageWe mentioned above how one of the benefits of cabinet signage is how versatile it is. As a result, there are many different ways you can use it.

Many businesses choose to use cabinet signage on the outside of their premises because of the illuminated effect. They’re often seen fixed to the front of buildings, lit up when it’s dark. But, it’s also quite common to use cabinet signage inside your premises as well. Remember we spoke about non-illuminated cabinet signs? Well, this is where you’re most likely going to see them; inside a business. They help add some extra interior design quality to your premises and are very common in office buildings. A lot of companies have cabinet signage displaying their brand name and logo on the wall inside their office building.

Saying that it’s also not uncommon to see single-sided cabinet signage inside business premises as well. Many bars will use the single-sided variety to add some character to their location.

Essentially, there are no rules when it comes to using cabinet signage – you can fix them outside your premises, inside them, on poles, monuments; however you like!

What Can Sunset Signs Do For You?

We’ve been supplying businesses with custom-made cabinet signage for years. Our service is simple; we help design your custom signs, we manufacture them, and then we install them. Due to the technology we use, we can design and create custom made cabinet signage in any shape or design you desire. So, don’t be fooled into assuming you need the typical ‘box’ shape signs. Of course, if you want to go down the traditional route, we’ll be more than happy to help.

Customization is a key element of our service, and we strive to give you as much freedom as possible when it comes to the design side of things. Yes, we are expert designers, and we’ll happily provide assistance and suggestions. However, the final design is ultimately down to you. Don’t be afraid to suggest whatever you want, no matter how complex it may seem.

All our cabinet signage is manufactured using the best materials and techniques out there. This ensures we provide you with something that not only looks good but is also very durable. After all, a lot of our signs are placed outside, so we have to make them weather resistant.

Of course, you don’t have to worry about installation either, as we have this covered too. Before we do any design or manufacturing work, we survey your premises to see where you want the sign installed. We do this to make absolutely certain that you’re legally permitted to have your sign in the place you wish. This prevents us from designing and making a sign, only to realize we can’t install it for legal reasons.

If you want to improve the face of your business with some custom made cabinet signage, then feel free to contact our team today.

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