Custom Monument Signs

Custom Monument Signs

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The right business signs can make a tremendous impact to your business. It should go without saying that a monument sign can make a monumental impact. High-quality materials, bright signage, and sophisticated designs can help your establishment stand out much more clearly and help your brand shine strong. Sunset Signs ensure quality design, manufacture, and installation of monument signs that help you make the first impression that your business or your building needs.

What are custom monument signs?

UCI MonumentFor those who aren’t entirely sure, let’s establish what we mean by custom made monument signs, as you may come across a few different definitions depending on who you ask.

All our monument signs are freestanding signs that are close to the ground, usually situated outside a building or at the edge of your property. Most of the time, these signs are made from masonry like concrete or stone. However, monument signs can also incorporate foam that recreates the look of real masonry to the point that most people aren’t able to tell the difference at a glance.

Our custom monument signs allow you to dictate the design, the construction, the materials, and everything else you would want to control. After the design is finished, we manufacture and install them. We also do surveying and permitting if needed.

Ordering Monument Signs

FivePoint Monument SignThe first step in creating the perfect monument sign for your property is figuring out what, exactly, your needs are. Do you need a sign that introduces one property or one business, welcoming your customers? Or do you need a sign that highlights different options, such as in a strip mall, an office with multiple businesses, or a building with several tenants, in which case you may want customizable pylon monument signs. We also have formats best suited to work as location directories, too.

Once we figure out what the purpose of the sign is, we can get into the design choices. We have multiple archetypal options we can work with as a base, but we encourage you to provide as much feedback or specification as you need. It’s your sign and your brand, so you have complete control over what the end result looks like, including logo and specialized text. No design is beyond our manufacturing capabilities.

You may have choices depending on budget, too. We can create signs of all sizes from a range of materials, including stone, concrete, wood, plastic, and foam that recreates the look of masonry. Once the decisions have been made, we take care of manufacturing, showing you pictures of the progress to make sure you’re happy before we get on with the installation. We take care of the final installation, too, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Lighted Monument Signs

We also have a variety of formats that can help you draw more attention to the sign and make it more visible through lighting. We can, for instance, fit lighting in the bottom of the sign, so that it’s illuminated from below. We have signs that have lighting within the design, too, with a range of different colors. Monument signs can even include LED screens that can have custom text and images programmed to appear with little effort.

If you want to add a little more dimension, we can provide dimensional lettering, too. While most monument signs have the letters and logos built or chiseled into the material, you can have the design pop off the base to make it even better at catching attention.

Not sure what kind of sign you need?

Monument Sign InstallmentIf you’re uncertain about a design choice of any part of the process, we recommend you get in touch at any point or ask any question that seems relevant to you. We know that most of our clients aren’t monument sign specialists, which is exactly why we are. We can highlight your options and any alternatives should you not be happy with the current design.

We also recommend you check out the gallery pages throughout our website. Our custom monument sign gallery can show you exactly the kind of work we have done for these particular kinds of signs, but it may be worth looking at the other categories, too. You can find plenty of inspiration from the work we’ve done on dimensional and illuminated signs to help inform your choices.

California Licensed Sign Contractor

We are a UL listed, C45 contractor, fully certified and insured with a team of highly experienced specialists. All our signs are US-made, designed and manufactured in house with cutting-edge equipment, promising visual fidelity you will be proud to display.

Why choose Sunset Signs

Above all else, we know that our work speaks for itself. You can take a look at our gallery to see examples of the kinds of work we have done in the past for clients in all sectors and industries. From business buildings to residences and hospitality establishments, we cater to a great range of needs.

Besides that, we ensure that you are kept in the loop throughout the design and manufacturing process, always in control of the direction the final product is heading towards. If you have any requests or suggestions, we endeavor to fulfil them as soon as possible. At the same time, we are more than happy to guide clients new to the process, ensuring you understand every decision you make.

Give your building the monumental impact that it needs. Get in touch with Sunset Signs at (714) 255-9104. Whether you have an idea of what you want to see, or you could use a little advice on which direction to go, we are more than happy to help.

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