Electronic Advertising Signs

Electronic Advertising Signs

An effective promotional strategy is crucial for business success. The marketing industry experiences the emergence of new trends every year, yet the most traditional advertising forms continue to be the most effective in the present competitive business climate. Several businesses rank the use of billboards, electronic and mobile signage as an easy and cost-effective way to advertise their business, product, and services. This is because they enhance marketing efforts while passively promoting business to your targeted audience. Besides, they attract new customers and create compelling messages on the go.

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These are all compelling reasons you need electronic advertising signs for your business. Fortunately, you can trust Sunset Signs to deliver all your quality electronic advertising sign needs without exceeding your budget.

Sunset Signs has grown to become a leading company for delivering quality signs in Southern California since 1992. What began as a small room business has become a significant brand for signage services, with over 25 years of experience. We have provided quality electronic signs to over 10,000 satisfied clients in Orange County and Los Angeles County, making us the most trusted brand for quality signs throughout Southern California. The company takes pride in its team’s knowledge, ability, and experience to deliver customized sign services to its extensive client base.

Electronic Advertising Signs We Design, Fabricate and Install

Electronic display boards

Digital BoardsInteractive digital display boards are used by thousands of brands globally due to their effectiveness in promoting business products and services. Our electronic display boards are made with the highest material quality to stand the test of time, meaning you wouldn’t need to spend on identical products after every few years. Buying a few LED display boards can do your business a lot of good if you are looking to grow your customer base and increase sales. They are excellent for use at trade shows and exhibitions. You can likewise position them on your premises outside streets.

Electronic signboards

The electronic sign board permits you to directly add or replace any element to accomplish your specific objectives. Produced with a focus on optimal longevity, operating efficiency, and superior-quality results, our electronic signboards are essential for your brand visibility and success.

We also have electronic wireless advertising signs built to enable you to change your messages via wired or wireless internet connections remotely. Electronic signboards can store many varying messages to display more advertisements, which helps you cover your billboard cost within the shortest time possible. Our wireless display signs feature an easy-to-use control software for displaying text, images, and videos in various formats. It can likewise be split into separate windows allowing static messaging in addition to video, images, time/date as well as temperature displays.

Electronic gas station digital signage

Sunset Signs produces a wide range of electronic gas station digital signage solutions. We also offer digital canopy signage using our specialist technology, which is excellent for displaying almost every image and text you require. This digital signage is available in different sizes.

Digital billboards

Digital Monument SignsThe use of electronic digital information boards has been proven an effective means of business advertisement. Sunset Signs is your most trusted source if you are looking for clear, high-quality, dependable digital billboard products. Our billboards come in varying sizes, and you are sure to have one that meets your specific requirement and performance.

Exterior digital displays

Electronic outdoor digital signs are ideal for outdoor use by permitting several functions based on the precise needs. We help businesses and individuals interested in exploring exterior digital displays to boost their brand visibility. It would be best if you had your message and display stand out from your competition, and that is what we help you achieve. Numerous small and large enterprises have utilized our services to take advantage of the electronic outdoor digital sign we offer. You can rely on us to securely install it in the exact location you need electronic monument signs.

Electronic pylon signs

We offer three digital pylon signs; single pole mount, twin pile mounts, and covered pole mounts. Our company has rich experience delivering electronic pylon signs for several large-scale companies. From designing, manufacturing to installation and even repairs, our comprehensive service delivery makes Sunset Signs the most trusted digital advertising brand for several businesses in the hospitality, retail, auto, gas stations, and other sectors.

Daktronics authorized retailer (permitting, installation & programming)

We are an authorized dealer in Daktronics products. The company is globally renowned for high-quality signs and electronics display products. When you purchase your Daktronics products from us, you are sure of nothing but the best, original Daktronics products on the market. Buying from Sunset Signs can assure you a complete sense of peace and certainty that you’ll enjoy the performance level expected from Daktronics products. Additionally, Daktronics new gas price signs wireless control offer flexibility to adjust the constantly changing gasoline prices. Our team will provide any repair or assistance you need with your operating system to ensure constant information display.

Why choose Sunset Signs for your Electronic Advertising Signs?

Sunset Signs is a well-known electronic advertising signs service provider in California, USA, with many years of delivering superior quality and cost-effective digital advertising solutions. With 100 years of combined staff experience, you are guaranteed the best expert electronic advice and excellent customer service to get the ideal HD quality and superior distance viewing to enhance your marketing efforts.

Our electronic billboards are built with quality and efficient components to survive the test of time. Our expert team will offer quick installation as well as provide answers to any concerns you may have. When you choose us, we understand you want more. We are committed and passionate about our jobs and take none lightly to offer you excellent results.

Sunset Signs understands that electronic billboards and signage are essential regardless of the business industry. Therefore, we stop at nothing to deliver the most effective electronic advertising form. Assuming you need assistance in determining the ideal fit for your business or need a quote, call Sunset Signs via (714) 255-9104 or visit our facility at 2906 e Coronado St Anaheim CA 92806.

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