Gas Station Signage

Gas Station Signage

Want to bring in more sales at your gas station? High quality new gas station signage is one effective way to do this – it will help you to get noticed by drivers and will encourage more people to fill up at your gas station instead of your competitors.

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Surveys have shown that 68% of consumers believe that a business’ signage reflects the quality of its products or services and that 50% of consumers are deterred by poor signage. If you want top quality signage that increases sales at your gas station, you need a top quality manufacturer – and what better manufacturer than us.

At Sunset Signs, we supply high quality signage to gas stations across Southern California. Our petroleum station signs are built using cutting-edge technology in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. We handle the whole process from designing the signage to fitting it at your station. No job is too big for us – in fact, we have a fleet of vehicles ready to deliver any sized sign to any location.

Types of Gas Station Signage

We provide an array of signage options ranging from printed signs to digital signage. We work closely with our customers to build signs to their exact specifications.

Digital Gas Price SignageIf you’re looking for signage to display your brand’s logo, we can take care of this. We have experience manufacturing logo signage for major gas brands including Shell signs and Chevron signs. Using our high quality manufacturing services, you can be certain that the reputation of your brand will be preserved.

We can also provide you with eye-catching fuel price signage to help draw in customers. Our digital gas price signs offer a modern solution that provides increased salience. Adjusting the price on these digital signs is also much easier- they can be programmed remotely to save you time.

Our signs are available in a range of materials including PVC, vinyl, wood, acrylic, foam and aluminium. These can be colored, contoured and shaped depending to fit your desired needs. Our extensive choice of machinery allows anything to be possible.

Some customers come to us to replace single signs. Others want to replace all the signage in their premises. Either way, we are able to take on the job. Our exterior signs range from gas station canopy signage to wall signs. We’re even able to design and manufacture signage for the interior of your gas station building, whether it be promotional (such as advertisements for snacks and refreshments) or informational signage (such as bathroom signage).

Go digital

Digital Signage DisplaysDigital signage is the future. Research shows that digital signage displays can increase the average purchase amount by 29.5% and generate a 32.8% growth in return customers.

At Sunset Signs, we manufacture a range of digital gas station signage options. On top of gas station price signs, we supply digital canopy signage for gas stations and interior digital signage solutions. Using our specialist technology, we can program these signs to display practically any image or text that you desire. Our digital signage is also available in a variety of sizes.

We’re a UL listed, C45 electrical sign contractor – this means that we’re licensed to install electrical signage. This allows us to handle the entire process from manufacture through to installation. We’re even qualified to carry out certain repairs. We’re a one-stop-shop for all your digital signage needs.

Choose Sunset Signs for All Your Signage Needs

When looking for a company to manufacture your gas station signage, you can put your trust in Sunset Signs. We’re a company with a lot of experience and a lot of expertise.

Over the 25 years we’ve been in business, we’ve grown from a small living room startup to a giant company with a 25,000 sqft sign manufacturing facility. Over this time, we’ve served over 10,000 satisfied customers. We’ve also been voted Orange County’s fastest growing sign company. We’re a company that is constantly looking to excel and our track record proves it.

We have a range of equipment that can be used to manufacture all forms of signage. Our equipment is cutting edge to provide the highest quality – we have laser cutters capable of carrying out the most intricate designs and heat-assisted laminating machines for protecting vinyl signage from UV damage. Meanwhile when it comes to adding colors to signs, we are able offer an extensive range of 80,000 hues to choose from.

Don’t be afraid of suggesting any design that you think may be too complex – you’ll be surprised by what we can achieve. From large electronic signs to dimensional lettered gas canopy signs, we can turn pretty much any vision into a reality.

Contact us today

If you’re interested in using our company to manufacture your gas station signage, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. We’re happy to discuss any queries you may regarding our sign fabricating services and may be able to give you a quote over the phone. Contact us at (714) 255-9104 to see what we can do for you.