Illuminated Channel Letter Signs

Illuminated Channel Letter Signs

Make It Big!

What is the first thing that you notice about a business? Is it the shape of the building that they inhabit, or is it the bright illuminated, custom sign on the outside of the building? The sign is the thing that catches your eye when you are looking for somewhere to eat or a store to explore.

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Your chosen sign on your building is the first impression that the customers have of your business. It’s the only permanent and rarely changed advertising that you have, and the investment in lighted channel letter signage turns the average business sign from something bold to something that goes POW when people look at it. You want customers to feel impressed with how amazing your branding is, and you want them to see your illuminated channel letter sign and walk right in.

Well-designed signs are going to attract new customers and continue to bring in existing customers. These types of signs are going to directly lead to an increase in your bottom line, increasing your visibility and serves as a tool to improve your brand recognition. How amazing that you can get all of that from illuminated channel letters in the shape and color that you want!

Why Illuminated Channel Letter Signs?

Lit Channel Letter SignsPerfectly visible by day and beautifully luminous at night, LED lighted channel letters are the solution for every business that values depth and precision with their branding. All companies have some signage on the exterior of the building, but choosing front lit channel letters as yours could change everything for your business success.

These types of signs immediately catch the eye, and they’re known as internally illuminated letters – in that each letter of the sign shines from the inside either through the front or the back of the letters. Where the light shines from the back of the letter, this is known as a halo-lit sign, and all of the signs that we offer are custom made and designed in the right materials to suit your branding.

If your business is in the public eye, it needs to be aesthetically pleasing, and with an LED lighted channel letter sign from Sunset Signs, your business will shine. We can use any color that matches your brand – or not, if you prefer it – and have your logo illuminated day and night. You have a massive range to choose from, including open-face channel letters, front and backlit channel letters and the earlier mentioned halo illuminated channel letters.

Businesses have been identified by their signage for decades, and if you value the bottom line of your business and you want to make a difference in the way that you promote yourself to others, it’s time to get investing.

The Benefits Of Illuminated Signs By Sunset Signs

Signage is going to play a massive role in your business promotions. Customers can find you, figure out the type of business that you are and they can help to create a perfect public perception of your brand. If you want your sign to work, people have got to see it – and that’s why LED-lit signs are essential. Let’s take a look at the reasons why LED illuminated signs are going to change the face of your business.

  • Prominence. We are magpies, us humans. Our eyes swing around and are attracted to bright lights wherever we go. This is especially true when the brightness stands out from its surroundings. The most significant benefit of LED illuminated channel letters is the fact that the letters stand out whether in the sunshine or not. From a distance, these signs are clearly visible and able to be seen by anyone. On the street full of your competitors, you need to stand out and be counted – and this is how you do it.
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  • 24-hour Visibility. Night or day, rain or shine, illuminated channel letters are visible. No matter whether you are asleep or awake, you can continue to attract the customers to your business without even trying. Even when the business is shut, you’re still going to attract people and get them interested in what you have to offer. Night time businesses won’t suffer, either, because, throughout the night, your business name is lit up for the world to see.
  • Perception. Almost 3/4 of all customers believe the quality of the sign that a business invests in reflects the quality within their service. Half broken and dirty signs give the impression of a lack of care in the company; this is not the impression that you want to be portraying to others. LED lighting can be used to light up a vast majority of high quality fabricated letters and glass.
  • LED Wins. Fluorescent and neon lighting has always had a place but LED lit illuminated channel letters have so many more advantages for businesses. The consistent brightness, lack of flicker and no wonky signage make LED the one to choose. The signs work more effectively with LED than another lighting choice, making it the best option.

At Sunset Signs, we can help you to design, create and install illuminated channel letter signs to suit your business. We’ve been doing our job since 1992, so we’re well versed in what can look good and what will capture the eyes of your customers. Our quality signs can be spotted throughout the entire Southern California area, and given that we found our beginnings as a start-up in a living room, we’re pretty proud of that!

We have over 25 years in this business, and with over 10,000 satisfied customers we’re sure that you’re going to be one more of those. At Sunset Signs, we pride ourselves on our competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and superior quality, and we wouldn’t provide you with anything less.

Give us a call today on (714) 255-9104, and we can get the ball rolling on what is sure to be an illuminating experience.

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