Outdoor Retail Signs

Outdoor Retail Signs

The modern world encourages retailers to utilize a variety of different methods to attract attention from prospective customers. From digital marketing to creating a YouTube channel, there are thousands of different options for a retail store that wants to stand out.

However, while the options above undoubtedly have their uses, there is no marketing technique quite so effective as outdoor business signs. Retailers have relied on these signs for centuries, using them to draw attention and invite curious prospective customers to take a closer look. With the right retail signage, your store can stand out from the crowd and draw customers from far and wide in a way that even the most specific, hyper-targeted marketing campaign simply cannot compete with. While outdoor retail signs may seem like a “low-tech” option, sometimes, the old ways genuinely are the best. Plus our illuminated outdoor signs are definitely high-tech.

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The benefits of outdoor retail signs

There are many benefits of outdoor retail signs, but the following are particularly worth considering when evaluating your signage options:

Outdoor Retail Sign Service

  • Outdoor retail signs allow you to draw attention to your retail store and capture passing traffic that may otherwise have overlooked your enterprise.
  • Good signage will also allow you to strengthen your brand in the local area and become an identifiable, well-known business. The more well-known your business is in the area, the more likely you are to enjoy word-of-mouth promotion.
  • Outdoor retail signs are particularly beneficial when used to advertise sales, discounts, or special promotional offers. Everyone loves a bargain, so use these signs to catch the eye of customers from afar and draw them to your business.
  • Prominent outdoor signage also helps to strengthen your business’ presentation to the outside world, allowing your business to appear highly professional and keen to attract more customers.
  • Your store is also more likely to stand out in a crowd of stores thanks to effective outdoor retail signage. This is particularly important to consider if your store is located in a popular retail area or mall, as standing out from competitors and other businesses is all the more important in these scenarios.

What other signage options should you consider?

As well as creating outdoor retail signs, we at Sunset Signs have perfected the production process for a variety of other signage options. These include:

Outdoor Retail Monument Signs

  • Channel letters are a popular choice that can enhance both the interior and exterior of your business premises.
  • Monument signs are free-standing signs that are particularly useful for drawing attention from both pedestrians and road users.
  • Pylon signs are also free-standing signs, though they use height rather than width to draw attention.
  • Pole signs are tall signs that can ensure no prospective customer will ever struggle to find your retail store’s location

At Sunset Signs, we produce a huge range of products ranging from custom business signs for your business premises to billboard signs designed to draw attention from further afield. Whatever your signage needs, we’re sure to be able to assist.

Internal business signage options

It is also well worth considering your interior signage needs. For example, lobby signs can help to ensure that your customers or clients are presented with a professional space the moment they work through the door, with acrylic signs offer a touch of class that will always guarantee the right impression.

Lighted signage options

Finally, it is well worth considering the possibility of lit signage. At Sunset Signs, we are able to produce an outstanding range of signs such as lighted business signs and illuminated business signs that can be custom-created to match your business. While we may be ‘Sunset’ signs, our lighted designs are the perfect choice to allow you to take your signage from day to night in the flick of a switch!

Why should you buy your outdoor retail signs from Sunset Signs?

  • We have over 25 years of proven experience in producing outstanding outdoor retail signs, ensuring we have mastered the entire process and are thus able to produce incredible work every single time.
  • Our current employees enjoy over 100+ years of combined experience in producing the very best outdoor retail signs. As a result of this, there is no project too big, too small, or too complex for us – whatever your requirements, our workforce will be able to deliver the results you expect.
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  • We are proud of our record in this industry and have, to date, provided a range of signage for over 10,000 satisfied customers – and we’d be delighted to add your business to this list.
  • We are able to manage the entire process from start to finish, including the design, manufacture, and installation of your all outdoor retail signs, pylon signs, and many more besides.
  • We use the latest cutting-edge equipment to ensure we can maintain our commitment to producing outstanding quality every time.
  • We are a UL Listed contractor and California Licensed C45 Contractor, so you can be sure that the signage we produce is completed to the highest possible standards in terms of both quality and safety.
  • All of the work we compete is completely insured and bonded, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind when outsourcing your signage needs to us.
  • We are also a one-stop shop for all signage needs, covering a variety of options including lobby signs, monument signs, illuminated business signs, and many more besides. As a result, you can turn to us for all of your signage needs and be sure of the same high-quality workmanship every single time.
  • All of the outdoor retail signs we produce are entirely customizable. We will do all we can to incorporate your preferred design elements to ensure we create a finished sign that is a true representation of your brand.

Please do get in touch today to discuss your project!

At Sunset Signs, we offer a range of outdoor retail signage options that can be used to enhance the appearance of, promote, and improve the aesthetics of your retail store. If you wish to make an enquiry regarding any of our products, please do not hesitate to get in touch – we look forward to speaking with you soon.