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Your business signs are the first impression that you’ll be able to give your business. You need those signs to be bright, bold and visible and one of the best ways to do that is with our custom made channel letter signs. At Sunset Signs, we’re all about ensuring that your permanent advertising fits your business. Your signs are there to engage, entice and embolden your business, and they’re going to increase the awareness and visibility of your business.

Think about how many people drive or walk past your business every single day. With the best backlit channel letter signs, they’re going to be more interested in seeing what you have to offer. Not everyone is going to stop by your business, but they will remember your business name if your building signs are illuminated and out there for the world to see.

Channel Letter Signs: A Branding Tool

Your business signs are going to be one of the top options you rely on to effectively brand your business. It works for people to remember your name, it builds awareness of your business and it encourages people to visit your business. Not only this, but your business name will be recognizable enough that customers who go past will end up recommending your business to others when they remember your name.

Standard Channel Lettering ManufacturerChannel letters are a different type of business sign option. They’re giant, 3D letter signs that you see above almost every single business out there – but that doesn’t mean that yours can’t be unique. Each letter has an individual structure and these are separate from other elements. Channel letters can be any letter, number or character that make up the whole sign. Usually, channel letters are made with acrylic and aluminum sheeting, which makes them a flexible option to use for your business signage. The bonus of this is that they can also be made with any color, style and shape, so we can build custom made channel letter signs for your building.

Channel letters can be used on both public and commercial buildings and more often than not, they’re illuminated on the inside. They can often be seen for miles, which is why they’re such an exceptional tool for advertising. They’re built to stand out. Whether you choose LED lighted channel letter signs, or you choose backlit channel letter signs, Sunset Signs has what you need to make your business name pop!

Different Types Of Channel Letters

When it comes to creating your channel letter signs, you’ll be pleased to know that there are endless combinations to choose from. With different fonts, sizes, materials and colors, you can make custom made channel letter signs that fit your business name. You can add your brand colors and you can even make a sign of your brand mascot or custom logo. For example, a garden center may choose a sunflower as their brand, and so an illuminated sunflower next to the business name that you have can really make a huge difference. Some of the channel letters made by Sunset Signs include:

Standard Channel Letters

You might choose to have the 3D channel letters that are covered with a strong acrylic and these would be illuminated from within. Channel letters are made up of several different components and the channel letter raceway is usually made with metal or aluminum.

Exposed Neon Colored LED Channel Letters

This particular channel letter type enables everyone to see the glorious neon LED lighting shining in your colors of choice. They are also programmable for additional effects.

Backlit Channel Letters

Backlit Channel Lettering ManufacturerThis is a popular type of channel lettering and these are opaque on the front with the illumination radiating from behind. These are also known as halo lit channel letters because of the way the light surrounds the lettering. At night time, the effect is that of negative space, which looks super cool (and is a way to really be remembered!). At Sunset Signs, you can choose your channel letters to be backlit and show off your business to the world.

Backlit channel letter signage is effective and they are one of the best ways to make your business more visible to the world. Backlit channel letters create a fantastic effect and they are one of the most purchased items because of the fact that they are easy to maintain. The whole idea with these is that they can create the right effect for your business.

Mounting Channel Letters

If you want us to mount your channel letters onto your building, we can, or you can choose to have rooftop mounted raceways for channel letters. A raceway is a mounting structure and this contains the electrical components, such as the power supply.

Choose Sunset Signs for Custom Made Channel Letter Signs

If you are looking for the highest quality channel lettering for your business, then you need to choose channel letters with Sunset Signs. We have the best quality channel letter signs in the Los Angeles area and throughout Southern California including Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County and beyond. We ensure that you get the results you want from your channel letter signs. We partner with you to ensure that we understand exactly what you need. If you are on the lookout for reverse halo channel letter signs, Sunset Signs is the place to turn. All you need to do is contact us today and let us help you! We’re here to advise – give us a call anytime.