Custom Convenience Store Signs

Custom Convenience Store Signs

Whether you’re looking for retail signs, custom lobby signs, restaurant signs or architectural signs, our expert team can also help ensure you have everything you need to keep up with your signage during this time.

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Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are custom-made metal or plastic letters that are commonly used in exterior signage for both public and commercial buildings. If you don’t want to replace a full set of channel letters, you can opt for a channel letter reface.

Monument Sign InstallMonument Signs

Monument signs are designed to reflect the architectural characteristics of the buildings they stand in front of, continuing the ambience of their environment by incorporating the textures and colours in the environment that surrounds them. Made as a focal point of many gardens, monument signs can be illuminated using ground and landscape lighting.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are freestanding structures that are single or double-sided. Supported by one or two large poles, Pylon signs are made using an aluminum or steel frame in order to ensure they’re both sturdy and safe. If you’re unsure how you can use a Pylon sign within your business, they’re often designed to capture the attention of your audience using their sheer height. This makes them ideal for businesses that want to draw attention from passerby’s, or those that want to make their signage clear from obstruction.

Electric Signs

If you’re looking to capture the attention of those that pass your business with light, electric signs may be the best option when it comes to signage. Using electric signs, you can illuminate your external building sign from behind, within, above or below, creating a whole new dimension to your signage.

If you’re looking for an affordable and cost-effective alternative that can be used indoors, neon signs are also a great place to start.

Building Signs

Building signs and architectural signage is a great way to incorporate your branding onto the building you operate in. Seen from a great distance, these are often favoured amongst large incorporations with lots of office space.

As some communities are starting to see progress when it comes to lowering their COVID-19 cases, businesses are starting to consider whether or not they should reopen. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, a hairdresser or you own your own store, you’re probably at the stage where you’re thinking about all of the changes you need to make in order to restart your business.

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For some, that may mean focussing on your safety efforts to ensure you’re attracting customers to your business again. Although there are various different things you will need to do when it comes to ensuring your business is safe, business owners often forget about the importance of using cough guards.

Here at Sunset Signs, we can help you get up and running again, whilst keeping your customers and employees safe.

Why Should You Consider Installing Cough Guards In Your Store?

Installing Cough GuardsThey Protect Your Staff – when it comes to reopening your business, you need to be sure you’re doing all that you can to protect your staff. Whilst there are lots of methods you can adopt during your reopening, cough guards are the perfect way to help protect those that will be working at your cash registers. As a physical barrier between the customer and your staff, you can be sure the chances of Coronavirus spreading are minimal.

They Protect Your Customers – on a similar note, the cough guards will also help to protect your customers with a physical barrier. If you want your customers to feel safe when they’re shopping with you, this is a great place to start.

They Can Be Branded To Suit Your Business – if you’re worried about branding and you want to ensure you’re staying on brand, your cough guards can be branded in whatever way you see fit. From logos to lighting, it’s worth asking what options are available to you.

They’re Quick, Easy And Safe To Install – once your cough guards arrive, they’re super easy to install. If you want someone to install them for you, this can also be done at a safe distance.

Buying Custom Cough Guards From Sunset Signs

Here at Sunset Signs, we offer a range of indoor signs and outdoor signs for convenience stores, including cough

Cough Guards – if your business centers around the outdoors, you still need to consider whether or not you’re going to need a cough guard to help protect those that want to use your services. Whether you’re setting up at an outdoor market or you have an outdoor activity centre, you need to ensure there are protective measures in place.

Interior Cough Guards – for businesses that are based predominantly inside, we offer a range of interior cough guards. From shop owners to restaurant managers, you can be sure you’re keeping everyone as safe as possible during your reopening.

Custom Cough Guards – not only do we provide custom indoor and outdoor signs, but we also provide custom cough guard signage that can be electric, branded and functional. From logos to important safety messages, we can customize your cough guards to suit your needs.

Why Should Convenience Stores Work With Sunset Signs For Cough Guards And Signage?

We Offer High-Quality Products – all of our products and designs are high-quality and available at an affordable price.

We Have An Expert Team Ready To Help – our staff members are specially trained when it comes to signage. From design to installation, you can be sure you’re receiving the best possible service.

We Can Keep You Safe – following the rise of COVID-19, our team members have also been trained on how to properly apply social distancing rules to our business.

We Offer A Range Of Other Signage Options – as well as cough guards, we offer a range of different signage options to businesses.

For more information when it comes to business signs, cough guards and convenience store signage, you can get in touch with a member of our expert team. To do this, visit our contact page or call (714) 255 – 9104.