Custom Fabrication and Installation for Daktronics Signs

Custom Fabrication and Installation for Daktronics Signs

Sunset Signs has installed tens of thousands of billboards and digital display systems around the Southern California. Whether it’s digital signs or LED digital display signage in shopping malls or sports venues, Daktronics offers quality customized solutions to get the maximum return on your investment. We offer Fabrication and Installation for Daktronics Signs to complete the job from its idea to implementation without the need for any other company. A simple, straightforward event that saves time, money, and stress. With endless design possibilities, you can guarantee that custom fabrication and installation will help your business to stand out.

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Solutions for the distribution of outdoor advertising.

Solutions for the distribution of outdoor advertising Dynamic advertising delivery of unprecedented flexibility is vital for companies. Daktronics offers high-quality outdoor broadcast media that offer the possibility of selling multiple and simultaneous advertising spaces. A custom pylon and monument sign can be erected for video displays, a way to offer customers and potential customers an insight into your company. The screens interact with the public and thereby connecting consumers with brands with a high level of privacy. Custom led signs are both eye-catching and offer a powerful message. Not only do they look incredible, but this omnipresent style of marketing offers an excellent ROI.

Whether it’s digital signs or LED video screens in shopping malls or sports venues, Daktronics offers quality customized solutions to get the maximum return on your investment. These signs have bespoke designs; from LED digital display boards and LED Video Displays, you can promote a sale, an offer, or a story relating to your brand that will allow you to show the world what you have to offer.

Manufacture of electronic instrument panels, programmable display systems, and large screen video displays make these Daktronics signs highly attractive. We have plenty of experience to ensure that you have the custom fabrication and installation for your signage.
Get the most on your ROI.

Custom fabrication and installation means that you can tap into new markets with only an upfront fee. Once the sign is installed, it is there forever. These high resolution LED billboard network technology successfully cooperates with the brand’s marketing ideas. The LED signs installed can be made to measure, from small to extra-large, depending on the placement and the message you aim to get across to the public. Are you a gas station that wants to advertise your prices? digital gas price signs can highlight your impeccable pricing any time of the day. Do you want the signage to highlight the name of your brand? Who could think of an LED screen in the middle of the ocean! LED screens have already been spotted on the well-known company Princess Cruise. The possibilities are endless for Daktronics’ use, and we want to help it become a reality. They also offer numerous system benefits, such as:

Brightness probe.

All our panels are installed with a light sensor. This sensor makes it possible to automatically and gradually manage the brightness of our panels according to the exterior lighting and the time of day.


Our cabinets are made from corrosion-resistant aluminum and have been built and tested to withstand precipitation, dust, frost, and high winds. This means that come rain or shine; your signage will still be visible.

Communication software.

LED Outdoor SignsAll of our panels come with software that will allow you to manage the content on your screen remotely. With the acquisition of one of our panels, training will be given to you free of charge, and our team will always be available to help you following installation.

Our LLEDEDs allow the most astonishing brightness and visibility angles, but they are highly efficient because of their high quality, therefore reducing electricity consumption significantly. It offers an exceptionally modern slant on older signage types and applies an element of sustainability to your marketing plans. This Daktronics solution includes easy-to-use scripting and scheduling features, as well as advanced run-time reporting capabilities to support Show-Control users’ revenue-generating goals. The solution also includes a live backup system to give users peace of mind during operations. Your bespoke signage will be ready to roll promptly and professionally with an expert team on hand during every stage of the installation and beyond.

The led exterior digital advertising signs section of your sign will be visible to passersby. In contrast, the interior section can display the same or different content to attract a different audience, depending on the time of day and the event’s needs or the company’s goals. Anything custom made is going to offer the brand something special and thought-provoking for the audience.

The Galaxy Series Message Displays (Daktronics gs6)

Daktronics signs are the future, and already we have seen the new chapter in these impeccable designs. The Galaxy series is here and offers an even more sleek design, with a slim cabinet that is aesthetically pleasing and functional for most spaces, even the smallest of places. With powerful technology and high-resolution imagery, we will be seeing plenty more Daktronics signs in the coming months and years. There are a plethora of Daktronics products to choose from to suit your needs and your business well.

Whether you need a large scale sign for the sports industry or a smaller sign to advertise within the retail industry, our bespoke Daktronics signs can offer you a new way of advertising that works for everyone. Our Daktronics signs offer four key elements:

Efficient – They are sustainable, and their brightness and contrast can be changed to order.Long-lasting – They have an impeccable lifespan and can continue to serve you for many years with professional maintenance.
Reliable – They rarely have faults; their modern technology allows you to use your sign every single day, with thorough tests conducted in the state-of-the-art labs.
Safe – They are incredibly safe for use by staff, and with minimal training, you can be using your custom sign every single day.

For more information relating to how Daktronics signs can benefit your company, please refer to our website for further information. Our team at are around to answer any questions you may have relating to our products.

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