Lighted business signs

Lighted business signs

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Welcome to Sunset Signs – we offer all types of lighted signs for your business or organization. Here are a few of our best selling custom business signs for you to check out and get inspiration.

Custom Illuminated business signs

Lighted Exterior SignsYour signage is the first thing your customers will see as they approach your business. It is critical that you can make a fantastic first impression, whether it’s a brand name, logo, or even an informational mount. Not only will a illuminated business sign help your business stand out from the rest, but it can also lead to a direct improvement to your bottom line. The better your sign, the more people come, and it’s also an exceptional tool for branding and name recognition, as well as visibility.

Interior business signs

Of course, getting your customers into your store, office or premises is only half the battle. Not you have to keep them there, help them feel comfortable, and ensure they know exactly what they need to do. Our interior business signs are exceptionally well made by expert designers – Sunset Signs has been serving our customers for the past 25 years. And whether you need location signs to identify specific areas of your retail store or simple directional signs for your mall, we can help you get the signage you need to make a positive impact.

Exterior business signs

Our exterior business signs are available in pretty much every material you can imagine. We can create everything from storefront fascias through to acrylic signs for business parks – and everything in between. How well do your external signs reflect your business? If you are concerned that your signs need that little bit extra to help you achieve better results, don’t hesitate to call Sunset Signs.

Lobby signs

Lobby signs are critical to ensuring exceptional customer service and are also a fantastic way of keeping your business interior looking good. Our premium lobby sign service will deliver signs that exceed your expectations, look fantastic, and can be custom built to meet your precise needs.

Monument signs

Monument Sign InstallationOur monument signs have been used in a multitude of different ways – we have created premium signage for hospitals, apartment homes, organizations and local governments. Whether you want your monument sign mounted on granite, walls, or a custom-made alternative, our experienced team have the skills and experience you are looking for. Feel free to contact Sunset Signs at your convenience to discuss your precise needs – and we will ensure you get the best possible monument sign for the best possible value.

Channel letter signs

A well designed and created channel letter sign is the perfect way of attracting people to your business and increasing the number of customers that come to you. These signs are perfect for branding, name recognition, and visibility, reinforcing your company name every single time someone walks by. We have created channel letter signs for a huge amount of famous companies, including Tannins, Sprint, and Mobil.

Pole signs

Pole signs are exactly as the name suggests – signs that are mounted on top of a single pole or two or three legs. Our pole signs are perfect for attracting customers to areas that are set back from the main roads. All you need to do is give us a call and explain your problem – and our team will design, create, and install the perfect solution.

Billboard signs

If you want to advertise your business in a big way, billboard signs are the perfect solution. Our billboard signs can be seen for vast distances when placed correctly, and with stunning design, premium-quality workmanship, and exceptional materials, your signs will be the talk of the town.

Building signs

Whether you are looking for a storefront logo, or simply some directional signs placed onto critical areas of your building, give us a call here at Sunset Signs. Our experienced team will work with you to deliver the perfect signs for your business, improving your image and ensuring your brand is seen in the best possible light. Struggling for inspiration? Get in touch with us and we can even help you create custom business signs and custom building signs to finish off your premises perfectly.

Store signs

Store SignsWithout exceptional store signs, it can be hard to stand out as a retailer. We cannot stress enough how important exceptional storefront signs are for your business. Not only do you need high-quality, eye-catching signs mounted on your storefront to attract passers-by, but you also need a range of in-store signage to ensure people know where they are going. Get in touch today if you need Sunset Signs to revamp the look of your business signage.

Illuminated business signs

We can design, manufacture and install illuminated business signs that will show off your business or organization in the best light possible. If you want people to see your business name and feel excited, illuminating your logo and company name is the best way to stand out. Our illuminated signs are perfect for businesses that want to make an impression day and night, or even during months of the year when bad weather affects visibility.

As you can see, we can design, create and install almost any type of building, business or informational sign you can imagine. With over 25 years in the industry, we know exactly what it takes to meet – and exceed – our customer’s expectations. We have well over 10,000 happy and satisfied clients, many of whom are top, global brands with names known all over the world. Our experienced team is on hand to help you with all your signage needs, we are contractor insured and bonded, and all of our signs are created in our state of the art manufacturing facility. No job is too big – or small – so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sunset Signs at your convenience. If you want to make a bigger and brighter impression on your customers, our premium-quality sign service will help you become the most eye-catching organization in your area.

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