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Are you on the hunt for eye-catching wayfinding directory signs for your park, mall, plaza, building or business? If so, look no further than Sunset Signs. With over 25 years of experience in providing companies and organizations in South California with high-quality, lobby signs, we offer a vast array of wayfinding directory sign styles. From outdoor signs and indoor plaques to hiking trail and mall wayfinding signs, we can turn your ideas into functional, aesthetically-pleasing signs.

Our wayfinding directory signs

Wayfinding directory signs serve an incredibly important purpose for businesses operating within a huge number of fields and sectors. As a business owner, it’s crucial to provide your customers and clients with a positive experience, and enabling them to find their way with minimal effort and no stress is essential. With our customizable building signs, you can point your clients in the right direction at the same time as promoting your brand and making the building look more attractive and welcoming.

We provide a broad spectrum of sign styles and we can create wayfinding signs for any setting. From mall and plaza wayfinding directory signs to campus and hiking trail wayfinding signs, our unique products will ensure your customers know exactly where to go. We have a range of materials available, which are suited to both indoor and outdoor environments, and we can customize any wayfinding directory sign to match your individual requirements and preferences. Our products include:

Wayfinding Directory Signs

  • Aluminum wayfinding signs
  • Wood wayfinding signs
  • Acrylic wayfinding signs
  • Glass wayfinding signs
  • Metal wayfinding signs
  • Plastic wayfinding signs
  • Custom LED lit wayfinding signs

If you’re unsure which material will suit you best, we can provide tailored recommendations based on the purpose and the location of the signs.

The advantages of wayfinding signs

Whether you own a store, you run an outdoor center or you own a dental or a medical clinic or a hotel, it’s beneficial to make your patients, clients or customers aware of where they need to go. If you’ve got a client coming for an appointment, for example, and there are various floors and rooms within the building, you don’t want them to get confused or to waste time trying to work out where they are. An indoor directional signs can eliminate the stress of getting lost and enable that client to walk in, look at the sign, and make their way to the chosen location straight away. Likewise, in a hotel, for example, a wayfinding directory sign will guide the guest to their room, the restaurant, the bar or the swimming pool, enhancing the experience and making it easy to travel from one part of the building to another.

Wayfinding Interior SignsOutdoor wayfinding directory signs are also incredibly beneficial, as they help people find their way in environments that can be potentially difficult to navigate. Hiking trail wayfinding signs, for example, are ideal for enabling outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy their hobby without worrying about getting lost or having to navigate tracks or paths that aren’t safe. Expansive networks of buildings can also be navigated seamlessly with effective signage. Take the example of campus wayfinding directory signs. If you’re a new student or member of staff, and you haven’t had time to consult and digest the map yet, using signs can make getting around much easier and less stressful and reduce the risk of arriving late.

Any setting that welcomes visitors can benefit from using wayfinding directory signs. If directions are clearly marked, this will eliminate confusion, and ensure that every client, customer, student, patient or guest knows where to go simply by glancing at the signs around them.

Customizing your wayfinding signs

If you run a business, or you manage an organization or a facility, and you’re looking for wayfinding directory signs that look the part, Sunset Signs will not disappoint. We offer a vast range of sign styles, we can use all kinds of different materials, and we provide a sign design service. We can incorporate logos and slogans, we can add color or patterns and prints, and we can also enhance the visual appeal and make your signs stand out with awesome, eye-catching LED lighting effects. Whether you’re looking to extend a warm welcome in your hotel lobby or you’re pointing guests in different directions at an entertainment venue, our illuminated wayfinding signs are an excellent investment.

Wayfinding Outdoor SignsWhen it comes to customizing your building wayfinding signs, we have no limits. We can create signs that vary in size, shape and color to suit your needs, and we can add lighting effects to create ambiance and turn heads. If you’re looking for a office sign for a large building, for example, we can design a unique shaped glass plaque with laser-etched writing, your brand logo and LED effects to ensure that it serves a purpose during the day and night. From simple directions to signs that are designed to promote your business, welcome guests, and create that all-important positive first impression, we’re confident that we can produce the perfect wayfinding sign for you.

Why choose Sunset Signs?

We have extensive experience in creating custom wayfinding directory signs, and we pride ourselves on using our creative talents to produce products that match our clients’ briefs perfectly. If you need any help with design ideas, or you’re struggling for inspiration, we will be happy to help. We can go through some ideas, discuss your requirements in further detail and give you some options based on what you want to use your signs for, where you plan to position them and who your signs are aimed at. We want to ensure that you’re delighted with the finished article, so it’s really important to us that you’re involved in the design process. We have a broad spectrum of options available, and we can customize our signs to produce unique products for your business. We always relish a challenge, and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure that you’re thrilled with your new signs.

To find out more about our custom wayfinding directory signs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on (714) 255-9104. We can discuss your project in more detail and give you a quote.