Custom Wood Signs made from High Density Polyurethane HDU

Custom Wood Signs made from High Density Polyurethane HDU

Wood signs have been a staple in the signage industry for years. Sure, LED signs have a great reputation for making an impact on the public, but wooden signs have something else. Whether you have carved, routed, sandblasted or vinyl lettering signs, wooden signs are an excellent option for your business. HDU signs are weatherproof, and they are similar to wooden signs in that they are made to look the same, but without the hassle of maintenance!

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High density polyurethane signs are made to fit the personality of your business, and we use wood business signs and HDU that are sandblasted to create the design that you want for your business. HDU signs offer that carved look on a much smoother background. You get the look of carved wood without any of the huge price tags, and at Sunset Signs, we’re here to offer you the signs that fit your business with enduring value.

Our pricing calculator can help you with both indoor and outdoor signage that will be made with weather resistant materials. We can create any size indoor and outdoor signs to suit your business, your brand and promote your message. HDU signs don’t bend, they don’t crack and they don’t split under the pressure of the weather, either. The right signs to meet your needs are here waiting – all you need to do is have a design in mind and we can help you to feel fully satisfied with your options. Our team can create free proofs so that you can see what you’re getting before you confirm the sign is the one you want!

What Is High Density Polyurethane?

A rigid, closed-cell material, HDU is impervious to any solvents with a petroleum base. It’s been engineered specifically for signage, and as it’s waterproof, it won’t swell or shrink in the way that wood will. It’s easy to cut, easy to create and easy to route – which makes it easy to reduce the costs overall.

Sunset signs are proud to be able to offer a range of signage created with high density polyurethane. We can take your brand vision and bring it to life, with a range of styles that match exactly what you need. Our wood signs are custom-made, taking everything that you want to achieve and making it something real for your business. Sunset Signs are proud to take care of everything that you need, giving your business an instant boost.

Interior Signs

If you need signs hanging outside your business or on the side of your building, then you need the custom wood signs with high density polyurethane made by Sunset Signs. You can brand your storefront or shopping mall in no time at all, and our business turnaround time is fast enough to really make an impact with your business. Interior signs are there to show off your products and direct your customers to the right aisles and areas to find what they need. You can use signs for something as simple as labelling the changing rooms, too.

Signage is often mistaken for being designed for just the outdoors, but it’s not! You can have 3D signs inside your business, too, and you will find that most wayfinding signs are made specific to the business.

Exterior Signs

High Density Polyurethane SignsAn outdoor sign does wonders for your business. You can show people that you are there, and you can have the customers see your business from a distance, too. Exterior signs can be made in all sizes, all styles and with a range of materials, and our 3D signs for new businesses are perfect for all business types. Larger signs like pylon signs and pole signs are a specialty at Sunset Signs, and our Monument signs are great for showing the world where you are. Welcoming people to your company is important, and the right HDU exterior sign will help you to bring people in!

Hanging Signs

A hanging sign is going to mark your business as different from all the others. A sign hanging above the door will make your business visible from a distance, and all of our hanging signs are weatherproof. Without the rain ruining your signs, you will be able to see how long that your sign will last. All of our signs are designed specifically for your business and will bring your brand vision to life in HDU!

Illuminated Signs

You want your signs to be visible and illuminating those signs with back lights and LED lights will help it to stand out. Our wood signs can be as illuminated as you need them to be. They look great at night time, and they look visible in the daylight. They don’t have to shine at night to look impressive. You need sophistication for your business and illuminated signage will give you exactly that. At Sunset Signs, you can explain what you need to our team and we can make it happen for your business.

Building and Business Signs

Building enhancement is so much easier when you have the right high density polyurethane signs. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll get it onto the side of your business in no time at all. You need help with designing this amazing building sign for your business, and we are here to help you out!

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We’ll start by working with you on the design of your sign, and then we’ll begin manufacturing. We’ll install your signs for you so that it’s all ready and easy to manage for you. We’ve been making signs for almost 30 years, and we’re proud to have a team of staff who are able to answer your queries and create the signs that you need. At Sunset Signs, we can help you to enhance your business with a custom-made wooden sign today. Our synthetic wood signs may not be real wood, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t have a real impact!