LED Illuminated Signs

LED Illuminated Signs

Sunset Signs offers a wealth of incredible signage products that are perfect for a diversity of applications. We design, fabricate and install LED illuminated signs that are perfect for promoting your brand or drawing attention to your business.

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We’ve worked with a range of clients to bring both interior and exterior LED illuminated signs to their premises. One of our customers is Instagram mogul Dan Bilzerian who benefitted from a stunning interior LED illuminated can sign to promote the release of his new vodka in February 2020.

If you’re interested in top-quality lighted business signs, and you’re located in Southern California, then Sunset Signs is more than happy to help. We’ve been around for over 25 years and have serviced well over 10,000 happy customers. Our service is built around you and your needs, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and see what we can do for you!

Exterior Illuminated Signs

Looking for a way to advertise your business to lots of commuters and pedestrians? With our exterior LED signs, you can do just that. Our signs are built for outdoor use, meaning you can set them up and promote your business come rain, wind or shine. The benefit of these signs is that they provide so much exposure for your company. We customize them to suit your brand, ensuring that everyone stops to take notice. Of course, the LED illumination makes them stand out that little bit more – especially when it’s dark out!

We have a diverse range of exterior signage options for you to choose from. This includes LED-powered monument signs that sit outside your building and enhance your brand image. These signs alone can draw people straight to your premises, potentially reeling in some new customers! We’ve also got LED-powered pylon signs that stand tall and can be seen from far and wide.

No matter your needs, we’ll find a way of shining a light on your business with some excellent exterior illuminated signs.

LED Building Signs

As part of our LED exterior digital advertising signs range, we also have some stunning LED building signs. The bright LED lighting provides a backlit effect that really makes the sign pop. It’s the perfect addition to an office building, retail store, or even a warehouse.

To make things even better, we offer custom LED-lit channel letters as well. Our manufacturing process is such that we can design your channel letters in any font you like, ensuring proper representation of your brand. Plus, Sunset Signs uses advanced and innovative machinery that provides a fully-automated fabrication process. In essence, this obliterates any human error and guarantees that all the lettering is a perfect size every single time.

Interior Illuminated Signs

Interior Illuminated SignsAlongside our plethora of exterior LED illuminated signage options, Sunset Signs is proud to offer a vast range of interior signs too. This range is perfect for anyone with a business that’s located indoors. For example, in a shopping center or within a shared block of offices. They’re also the ideal way to extend your branding inside your premises and have awesome signs decorating the walls.

We’ve created interior LED illuminated signs for specific events as well. They’ve proved to be extremely popular at advertising brands during product launches! There are so many ways to use these interior signs to suit your business needs. Some clients use them to illuminate the walls in their store and direct customers to certain product lines. The possibilities are endless, and we can help you create the best interior signage for your requirements.

Customizable & Programmable LED Signs

What could possibly be better than an LED illuminated sign from Sunset Signs? Well, we go the extra mile to deliver more features for our happy customers! When we create and install your signs, we can fit them with an LED controller.

Effectively, it provides you with the ability to control the LED signs with various lighting effects, animations, and much more. This draws more attention to the signs, enhancing the effect they give off. If you’re looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and attract as much attention as possible to your business, then this is perfect!

We’re more than happy to answer any questions relating to our LED controllers, so don’t hesitate to give us a call or send our team a message.

LED Sign Repair Services

LED Sign Repair ServicesAs well as creating and installing excellent signs, we also provide an LED sign repair service. If you’ve been having issues with your LED illuminated signs – perhaps they’re not turning on, or the lights keep flickering – then we will sort things out for you.

We know how important it is to have a sign functioning correctly. If your LED sign is playing up, then it makes your business look bad! We’ll send round a team of professionals who can safely fix any signage issues you’re facing. They’ll be round ASAP after you’ve given us a call, and we strive to fix any signage problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. Thanks to our vast knowledge and experience, we promise to provide long-lasting repairs as well. So, you don’t have to worry about your signs breaking again!

Why Do You Need LED Illuminated Signs From Sunset Signs?

It’s simple, LED signage can improve your business and promote your brand. Our range of products is unbeatable, and there are so many ways you can use our signs to your advantage. Draw people to your business and generate leads with a simple LED illuminated sign. Promote a new product or increase brand awareness with both interior and exterior signage options. By calling upon LED technology, you can have brightly lit signs that continue to advertise your business at night!

Regardless of what size sign you want, or what style you want it to be in, we will help you achieve your goals. With an expert team of designs and installers working for us, we take charge of everything from start to finish. Choose Sunset Signs if you want to invest in your business and see some true benefits. Contact us today for a consultation to get the ball rolling.