LED Video Displays for Advertising Businesses and Products

LED Video Displays for Advertising Businesses and Products

Digital LED Video Displays are a fantastic way to advertise your business. There is nothing better than an advertisement that lights up with lights! Sure, you can have a simple sign, but obviously, it is not the presentation you are looking for for your brand. LED Video Displays are both sophisticated in their style and function. When planning to implement a luminous sign, it is ideal to choose one with high contrast. And most importantly, it is vitally important to have a marketing strategy that ensures that not only your illuminated sign is noticed, but with the help of it, you can convert your potential customers into customers. Our bespoke signage options will be vital to your company’s growth. 

The advantages are many. 

LED signs and billboards combine all the advantages of a targeted and attention-generating advertising measure. High-quality and extremely appealing in terms of appearance, these advertising media not only ensure that customers are addressed more effectively; they are also economical, elegant, and can be used multiple times. At Sunset Signs, we know the high demands that our customers place on such LED signs, and with the highest quality and low prices, we ensure all-around satisfied customers.

We pride ourselves on quality and a no-fuss implementation. 

LED Video Displays for Advertising BusinessesWhen using LED signs, they must look good both during the day and at night. For this reason, in addition to the lighting, these signs must also continue to be visible if another light source covers the light source’s rays. Here at Sunset Signs, we ensure the best possible visibility with our high-quality designs. Illuminated billboards convince in a wide variety of areas of application. Such high-quality LED signs can be used effectively, whether in the shop window, in dark areas of the shop, or at a trade appearance. Daktronics signs have been around for some time, but the need for their use is expanding as more and more companies begin to see their benefits. Not only do they give you an exceptional ROI, but they are also great for your brand’s image. They look clean, modern, and stylish, and the style is down to you.


Other areas of application are, for example, bars and restaurants, where these practical LED signs can effectively provide atmospheric lighting. Such signs are used, for example, in the entrance areas of company buildings to present the company’s logo. To meet our customers’ demands, we deliver and produce our LED billboards in a wide variety of unique formats. This means that you can always choose the right format for your billboard. We offer our LED signs in the following versions:


  1. Transparent LED illuminated signs.
  2. LED illuminated signs with white printing all over
  3. LED illuminated signs with white printing behind colored areas
  4. different formats, e.g. 150 x 50 cm


So you can freely choose the format and use the effect of your billboard in a targeted manner. For example, a transparent LED illuminated sign can ideally incorporate the wall’s color behind it and thus convey a completely different impression than an LED sign with white printing. It always depends on the desired effect and the location where you want to present your signs. Another significant advantage of our LED illuminated signs is the possibility of using them multiple times. You can attach and detach the signs easily and without problems, without leaving unsightly traces that would impair the effect. Thanks to modern LED technology, our signs are deficient in power consumption and ensure even illumination. There is hardly a better way to present advertising. From Daktronics gas price signs to sports signs, there is a sign that we can create for any industry niche. 


We offer our competitors above to design and fabricate custom pylon signs and monument signs for the video displays to be installed. The service is comprehensive, from design through to installation and beyond. We pride ourselves on this service. We offer LED messages, which can communicate deals and offers and stories to our potential customers, and video displays on buildings that passersby can see. Our team can take care of every aspect; our fabrication and installation for Daktronics Signs are undertaken with professionalism and promptly. 

Development of the signs.


LED Video Displays for Advertising ProductsIf you have decided on the practical option of an LED billboard, you must, of course, first design the corresponding data. Here at Sunset Signs, we will help you by first enabling you to create a design template in your preferred program using our template generator. Therefore, you already have the basis for a successful design of your data for the billboard. We can talk you through the benefits it will bring for advertising your business. 


Our basic data check serves as a further service. With this, we will check for you free of charge and entirely without obligation whether your data is suitable. This saves you long corrections in the ongoing production process. And of course, the faster your signs will be dispatched. Of course, we produce your LED signs without a specific minimum order and are entirely individual. We usually need five working days for production, but we can also accelerate the three working days if desired. The delivery time for your signs is around one working day. Still, it can also be made as express delivery on request to guarantee delivery within a delivery time of just one working day. LED Video Displays are here to stay, so it’s time to start bringing your business into the twenty-first century with our Daktronics led signs. 


Many people think that illuminated or retro-illuminated signs are only for night businesses like the ones mentioned above. But suppose you have a business that starts its operations before nightfall or in the early hours until the early hours of the morning. In that case, illuminated signs will be the difference between being perceived or ignored!