Digital Monument Signs

Digital Monument Sign

When choosing a Digital Monument Sign for your business, you might not be aware of how much choice there is. Rather than just going with the first sign you see, it’s a good idea to research this carefully to make sure that you get the right sign for your business and for your needs and to attract the right customers. At Sunset Signs, we design, fabricate, and install custom digital monument signs including the LED message and video displays for your businesses.

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You don’t need to hire multiple contractors and companies, we can complete the installation from start to finish. Not only do we provide a great service but when it comes to signage for your business, our full-color digital screens are weatherproof, temperature-controlled, and anti-glare. This means that whether it’s cars driving past that you want to attract or anyone else, they will be able to see the signs correctly. Having digital monument signs for your business allows you to get your message across at any time and in any place. Read on to find out what different signs are available and determine which one is right for you.

Business Video Display Signs

Business Video Display SignsIf you want your business to make a statement then using a video display sign is the way to do it. Video display signs are really effective for those businesses which have a lot of promotions of changing information. This technology enables you to promote what’s going on in your business and give you the ability to change this as and when you need to. The most common video display signs are video screens that display information through custom text, videos, animations, and graphics. What’s great about these monument sign message displays is that you can have them outdoors and grab the attention of the right people. Outdoor Monument Video Displays are also programmable and can make a tremendous impact on your business. At Sunset Signs, we also offer the fabrication and installation for Daktronics Signs which give your business high-quality outdoor broadcast media. These are not just programmable monument signs, but they are signs that interact with the public and connect consumers with brands. Choosing the right business video display sign can make a real impact on your business and help you to stand out from the crowd.

Digital Gas Station Pricing Signs

If you own or run a gas station, then what is it that sets you apart from any other? As people are driving past, they don’t have a lot of information in front of them to help them make a decision of whether to come to your gas station or go to another. Of course one of the selling points is the price, and how do people see the price? With a sign. High-quality new gas station signage is one effective way to get noticed and will encourage more people to fill up at your gas station instead of your competitors. When you’re trying to attract drivers then your signs need to be eye-catching to help draw in customers and they also need to be customizable so that you can change your prices as and when you need to. It’s also helpful for you if they can be programmed remotely to save you time. Our signs are available in a range of materials including PVC, vinyl, wood, acrylic, foam, and aluminum. These can be colored, contoured, and shaped depending to fit your desired needs. At Sunset Signs, we have an extensive choice of machinery too which allows anything to be possible.

Electronic message displays

According to the study, “Signage for Your Business”, from the Small Business Administration, businesses that add an electronic message display to their current signage, see a typical increase in business from 15% to 150%. Electronic message displays are a one-time investment that advertises and informs with custom content that you can change whenever you wish, 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. Today, with the availability of high-quality materials, bright signage, and sophisticated designs can help your establishment stand out much more clearly and help your brand shine strong.

Digital Shopping Center Signs

Digital Shopping Center SignsShopping center signs can be designed to your exact specifications. We can offer you a range of signs, including channel letter signs which allow you to choose from halo-lit channel letters, reverse channel letters, and custom channel letter signs to name a few. Then there are dimensional signs, monument signs, and pylon signs which are perfect for shopping centers. Essentially, what we can offer you at Sunset signs, is whatever you want. We have so much choice that we can work with you to create whatever you have imagined in your mind to become a reality.

LED Video Displays

Digital LED Video Displays light up your business at the same time as adding style and function.
Custom LED signs and billboards not only look great but they are also economical, elegant, and can be used multiple times. Having LED video displays for your business also shows customers and potential customers that your business is modern, that you are up to date with technology, and that you invest in yourself. No one wants to go to an outdated business and if you have outdated signage then this is what you’re telling people. If your signs are old-fashioned and outdated then this gives customers the impression that other parts of your business are the same. Your signage is an impression of your business and in some cases, it is the first impression to your customers so it’s important to make it a good one.

Sunset Signs ensure quality design, manufacture, and installation of monument signs that help you make the first impression that your business or your building needs. We offer a huge range of options meaning that you will be able to choose exactly what you want because there are so many options available to you. Whether you are looking for office signs, building signs, or strip mall signs, we can ensure to cater to your needs, and the flexibility is what makes us unique.