Architectural Monument Sign

Is your business off the main road or in a large parking lot? Is it difficult to find? Installing a monument sign can benefit your business in several ways. Your business signs are the first identification a supplier, potential employee, or customer will set their eyes on every time they visit your business. Monument signs combine architectural and graphic designs to create one-of-a-kind signage that everyone will notice and remember. Sunset Signs is the place to go for everything concerning architectural signage design, and here’s why.

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Sunset Signs is an electrical and architectural sign contractor with over thirty years of industry experience.
We have built an enviable reputation for delivering high-quality services even with the most complex sign design and custom monument signs.

As one of the best sign installation contractors in South California, we strive to develop high-quality custom designed monument signs, architectural signage design, and signage needs with the best materials. Our vast history and experience make Sunset Signs the first and only option for your quality custom architectural signage services.

Exterior signage

Exterior signage allows businesses to make the right impression on visitors and potential customers. Whether you need a signage solution to guide your staff or customers around your facility or for brand identification, we offer custom architectural signage to meet your particular needs. We have experienced consultants and partner with the best architectural signage manufacturers to create the finest outdoor architectural signage for your next project.

Interior signage

Interior signage is critical for communicating with visitors and presenting an effective indoor navigation plan to guide them throughout a building. Sunset Signs has the most comprehensive portfolio of interior architectural building signage solutions to manage traffic, convey information, and promote your business. Our interior custom monument sign design is as one-of-a-kind as your company.

Monument Sign Manufacturing

Sunset Signs specializes in electrical and architectural signage and provides a full range of services, including designing, manufacturing, permitting, and installation. We are the best architectural building signage manufacturers in South California. Our clients are cut across several industries like hotels, retail, estates, malls, etc.

Monument Design Services

Sunset Signs’ in-house design teams use cutting-edge technology to develop the best designs that seamlessly integrate into your signage project’s design and functionality needs. Whether you already have an existing brand idea or require a fresh concept, our sign design team has what it takes to breathe life into your project.

Complement your existing architecture

signs for buildingsA sign contractor can design your monument signs with various materials. For instance, we can design your sign with brick and stone if your company is housed in the same material. Using the same material creates a consistent look and serves as an extension of your building.

Enhanced visibility

Location is key for attracting and maintaining customers and clients. According to Investopedia, bad location is one of the reasons many businesses fail. However, it can sometimes be challenging for customers to find your business even in the best locations. You can place a large monument sign near the sidewalk and roadway to make it visible enough to be seen from a distance.


Durability is one of the key benefits of monument signs for your business. Our monument signs are long-lasting and can withstand the elements. This way, your business can convey the message that it is well-established and intends to stay around for a long time.

Boost your marketing power

Besides television or radio commercials, your monument signs can reach potential customers at no additional cost. This is a free advertising opportunity for your company and its delivery of products and services.

We have a team of experienced professionals with many decades of combined expertise in various sign manufacturing processes to guarantee our clients get only the best product and excellent experience. You can count on us if you need a licensed electrical sign contractor to design, manufacture, and install an electric sign, neon gas tubing, or change electric sign wiring in your building.
Sunset Signs also offers sign design and installation services such as

  • LED Electronic Signage for Buildings
  • Canopy signs
  • Cabinet and pole signs
  • LED lit business signs
  • Scheduled sign faces cleaning
  • Building sign design and installations

Sunset Signs provide high-quality signage solutions to complement your marketing efforts. Are you looking to make an important announcement, decorate a space, and enhance your brand image? We are here for you.

We appreciate that there is no-size-fits-all when it comes to your monument signs. This is why we offer a wide range of materials, finishes, and installation methods for your project. Our many years of experience mean we know what will and may not work for your architectural signage. Fortunately, Sunset Signs is always up for a challenge.

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