Digital Pylon Signs

Do you want to catch the eye of customers before they pass you by? Are you fed up with inflexible, fixed advertising that looks outdated in the blink of an eye? If yes, then Sunset Signs’ digital pylon signs are the ideal solution for you.

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Throughout our 25+ years, we’ve learned a great deal about effective advertising, and few things work better for getting your message across than digital pylon sign displays that say it how you want when you want.

Electronic message displays, paired with our pylon offerings, are ideal for innovative advertising that never goes out of fashion. Whether you change your products, your advertising message, or update your logo altogether, your easily programmable pylon signs video will never get old. With digital LED message boards that are weatherproof, temperature-controlled, and anti-glare, we guarantee advertising with staying power for all of our customers in and around Southern California.

Types of digital pylon signs

Choosing the right pole sign message displays is fundamental for ensuring that you send the perfect message. That’s why we offer extensive LED exterior digital advertising sign services depending on the space, time, and message that you have to work with. Within our pylon sign selection alone, you can choose from:Digital Pylon Sign Gas Station

  • Single pole mounts
  • Twin pole mounts
  • Covered pole mounts

What’s more, we have extensive experience in pylon sign digital displays for over 10,000 happy customers from very varied industries, with previous installations including digital shopping center signs, digital gas station pricing signs, and even hospitality focuses for big-time clients such as Pizza Express. This, and the fact that we take care of everything from design through to manufacturing, installation, and even repairs, puts us in the unique position of being able to provide the ideal business signs for industries that include –

  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Gas stations
  • Strip-malls
  • Multi-unit offices
  • Auto-traders
  • Hair Stylists
  • And many, many more

In fact, there isn’t an industry that wouldn’t benefit from the advertising scope that our LED message displays on pylon signs provide. That’s because, from the moment you contact us, you can enjoy tailored services that are guaranteed to suit.

Choose Digital Pylon Signs

Digital Pylon Sign HospitalitySometimes, the advertising world can seem overwhelming, and you may be wondering how exactly you can be sure that LED video displays for advertising businesses and products are the best solution?

This is something we can discuss with you during the design process. With our expertise in the ideal advertising solutions, we’ll never let you commit to signage that won’t serve your purposes. Ultimately, though, digital pylon signs are an inclusive solution that reap results for all manner of businesses purposes, and that’s a goal they achieve with benefits such as –

Increased visibility

While all advertising aims to increase visibility, the raised platform nature of a pylon display ensures that customers will see your message for miles around. By pairing this with a digital LED focus, visibility is a given.

Easy maintenance

Here at Sunset Signs, we pride ourselves in making maintenance easy. That’s why we promise to take care of installation and even repairs. Still, static advertising can be problematic, especially when you need a trained expert to get up there and switch your signs around! That’s why the variable message signs we offer are such good news from a maintenance standpoint, allowing you to switch your advertising at the click of a button

Soaring profits

Our low prices yield amazingly returns, meaning that your digital sign will also work wonders for your profit margins. Whether you’re promoting, upselling, or simply trying to get your logo out there, our signs will soon start to pay for themselves.

Choose Sunset Signs

Digital Pylon Sign Dealership
Here at Sunset Signs, we’ve been at the forefront of cutting-edge signage since 1992. From our modest beginnings, we’ve grown into a 23,000+sqft sign manufacturing space, manned by experts with 100+ years between us. Every single one of our signs is American made, and we’ll take care of everything from design to installation so that we can guarantee 100% ease, 100% of the time on all our custom pylon signs.

Our fully-licensed bonded insured installers know precisely what it takes to create digital pylon signs with impact. Specifically, we offer benefits including –

Daktronics signs

We’re proud to offer signs made by world-renowned Daktronics, known widely for their quality digital signage. While we’ll take care of everything including the fabrication and installation for Daktronics signs, we let them do what they do best, which is making digital signage that’s sure to send your business soaring.

Repairs when you need them

Our expert team is on-hand to offer repairs as and when you need them. No matter what’s happening with your sign, we’ll put a professional on the case that same day to diagnose and treat the problem.

Fabrication for the best

Our sign fabrications are top-quality, with our pylon signs, in particular, available in every possible format you could imagine. When you get in touch, a member of our team will work closely with you to design precisely the signage that you have in mind. Regardless of what you choose, we guarantee the best possible materials that Anaheim California has to offer. Whether your sign is made from plastic, metal, wood, or any of the other many materials that we have experience with, we guarantee durability, as well as appearances that wow, guaranteed.

In-house installations

Some signage installations involve third-parties or multiple companies with different skill sets. We understand how tricky this can be to manage. As well as racking up expenses that you don’t need, multiple teams mean mixed communications that could see your signage suffering. That’s why we’ll take care of installations, too, all in-house and included in one easy payment. Not only does that save you time, but it guarantees affordable signage that looks top-notch, every single time!

Whether you have a digital pylon design in mind or need help to reach the ideal advertising solution for your business, we have the know-how to make it happen. We look forward to hearing from you today on (714) 255-9104.